Cool adventures await: Home Credit’s travel essentials for an epic summer getaway

Monday, March 25, 2024

Now that the hot weather is finally upon us, we are gearing up for remarkable out-of-town trips to fully embrace the summer vibes. It is time to make the most of the season and beat the intense heat, whether that means taking a refreshing dip in cool pools or beautiful beaches, exploring breathtaking nature, or embarking on a relaxing road trip.

To ensure your summer getaway is the most unforgettable one yet, you need to have the right gear, which allows you to enjoy your adventure without worries. Home Credit, one of the country's leading consumer finance companies, is here to help you out by providing a guide with all the travel essentials for an epic summer vacation.

Capture every moment with an excellent smartphone
When going on a vacation, your smartphone becomes your ultimate companion. With just a tap, you can easily capture unforgettable moments and spectacular views with the camera so you can relive these memories later. 

Additionally, you can effortlessly share your adventures on social media to showcase your experiences. Smartphones also allow you to stay connected with your friends and loved ones while on vacation and provide quick access to must-have tools you may need during your trip, such as navigation. 

If you are looking for a powerful smartphone for your summer escapades, consider upgrading to these models you can check out through Home Credit’s When it comes to flagship features—from camera capabilities to overall performance, you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 256GB/12GB Phone and the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB, Space Black Phone. 

For a stylish yet powerful smartphone that can complement your travel outfits, the Vivo V29E 256GB/12GB or the Realme 9 Pro Plus 256GB/8GB Phone are excellent choices. Meanwhile, the Honor X8b 512GB/16GB and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus 5G 512GB/12GB are also worth considering if you are searching for a device with sizable storage for your photos but also comes equipped with ultra-clear cameras to capture your experiences.

With a new smartphone, be sure to also invest in a waterproof phone case, especially if your summer destinations include beaches or pools with water activities. This can protect your phone from potential damage caused by water splashes and enable you to use your device even in wet conditions.

Keep your devices powered up with a power bank
Finding a power outlet to charge your phone during your adventures can be a hassle, especially when you are in unfamiliar areas. This can also interrupt the fun of your experience. Carrying a high-capacity power bank with you ensures that your smartphone and other devices remain powered up so you can continue capturing photos, enjoying music, and more. And, of course, remember to bring your charger cord in case your power bank lacks a built-in one. 

Bring your favorite tunes with headphones/portable speakers
Music serves as an excellent tool for setting the mood and ambiance of your vacation, which can help create lasting memories. When going on your much-awaited vacation, take your headphones or portable speakers with you to enhance the summer experience with your favorite tunes and have a blast with your friends and family.

Stay hydrated with water bottles
You may experience intense heat during your summer vacation. This makes it crucial to bring your water bottles with you to stay hydrated. As it keeps you refreshed in your summer activities, it also helps minimize the use of plastic bottles. You can consider bringing insulated water bottles to keep your refreshments cool even in hot weather.

Protect your skin from the heat with a sunscreen
Being outdoors exposes your skin to sunlight containing harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can lead to skin conditions like painful sunburn. Take care of your skin by packing and applying sunscreen with a high SPF that provides a strong defense. This empowers you to enjoy outdoor activities without concerns for your skin. For continuous protection, be sure to reapply as needed, especially after swimming or excessive sweating.

Store your essentials with a travel backpack
Choose a lightweight yet spacious travel backpack with multiple compartments so you can carry and organize all your essential items— from a power bank to your water bottle, sunscreen and your summer outfits. This ensures you have everything you need for an unforgettable and well-prepared vacation.

Realize your dream smartphone this summer season with Home Credit!
As you prepare for an unforgettable summer getaway, seize the opportunity to upgrade your device and make your dream smartphone a reality to capture all your adventures this season. Do not worry about straining your budget, as Home Credit has a special surprise for you! 

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