Angkas Wins Hearts with Hilarious App Upgrade Announcement

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Angkas, the popular motorcycle taxi app, took a unique approach to promoting their latest upgrade – a video advertisement packed with humor and heart. Released on March 9th, the video features CEO George Royeca in a starring role, and it's quickly gaining positive buzz online.

The charm factor comes from Royeca himself.  He embraces a low-budget, PSA-style setup, complete with intentionally awkward moments. This self-deprecating humor makes him instantly relatable.  The video even uses a retro DVD player aesthetic, complete with a bouncing Angkas logo – a playful nod to the app's improvements.

Watch the full ad here:

But it's not all about laughs. Royeca acknowledges user feedback and openly discusses the app's earlier limitations. This transparency builds trust with Angkas customers.  His passion for the app's potential to improve commutes and livelihoods is also evident, making him appear invested in the Angkas community.

The video's core message is clear: the new app offers a significantly enhanced experience.  Customers can expect faster booking, a smoother user interface, improved location tracking, and even cashless payment options.

By combining humor, honesty, and genuine enthusiasm, Angkas crafted a video that's both entertaining and informative.  They successfully promoted the app's benefits while leaving viewers with a positive impression of their CEO, George Royeca. It's a win-win for Angkas and their customers. 

Ready to experience the upgrade for yourself? Download the new Angkas app today! You can find it on the Apple App Store for iPhone users and Google Play Store for Android users. Look for the one with the glitter on the logo!

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