Friday, February 23, 2024

After captivating the palates of diners in Hong Kong and Paris, Uma Nota is set to make its grand entrance into Manila, inviting guests to embark on a sensory journey that harmoniously blends Brazilian and Japanese culinary traditions. Located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Uma Nota will be opening its doors in Shangri-La The Fort this January. 

The much-anticipated soft launch is scheduled for this month, with a launch party on January 20 with a grand opening to follow the week after. 

Uma Nota draws inspiration from the historical migration of the Japanese to São Paulo, weaving a rich tapestry of cultural influences. In each carefully crafted dish, we capture the essence of this journey, seamlessly blending the precision of Japanese culinary artistry with the bold and vibrant flavors synonymous with São Paulo.

Designed by Asmaa Said, founder of The Odd Duck Studio, Uma Nota unfolds as a sensory journey through four distinct realms. The Living Room, with its striking 'Hanging Tree' installation, seamlessly transitions from upscale dining to a vibrant, seductive evening space. 

The Bar fosters an intimate social atmosphere, while Tropicalia pays tribute to the 70s Tropicália movement. The Meiji Room, with its Japanese mural, honors the rich heritage of the mass Japanese migration to São Paulo during the Meiji era.

Uma Nota's menu is a celebration of diverse flavors, seamlessly blending culinary traditions. 

From the enticing COXINHAS DE FRANGO to the elegant WAGYU NO BRIOCHE, each dish harmoniously combines premium and flavorful ingredients. Exclusive selections like the WX TOMAHAWK MS7 and JAPANESE A5 WAGYU STRIPLOIN elevate the entire experience. 

Notable offerings also include the CRAB UDON, HOTATE TIRADITO, UNAGI ROLL, and the robust ROBALO ASSADO showcasing culinary innovation. For vegetarians, the enticing BERINJELA offers a unique twist. Cap off the meal with the indulgent AMOR POR CHOCOLATE and Uma Nota's signature UBE CHEESECAKE. Uma Nota's menu is a culinary journey that transcends boundaries, delivering a symphony of flavors with every dish.

Complementing Uma Nota's exquisite culinary offerings is a thoughtfully crafted Drinks Menu, ensuring a perfect pairing for every palate. Dive into the vibrant world of Brazilian mixology with the iconic Caipirinhas, skillfully combining Cachaça Yaguara, sugar, lime, and a choice of fresh fruit. Experience the unique fusion of flavors in the Kyoto Sour, featuring Atago No Matsu sake, grapefruit, green Tabasco, lemon, and agave. Indulge in the Maluco Carioca, a signature Brazilian limeade masterpiece crafted with Cachaça Yaguara. For a truly innovative libation, savor the Uma Nota Cup Noodle, blending Plantation 3 stars, homemade toasted coconut liqueur, pineapple, cucumber, lime, and sesame oil. The Drinks Menu at Uma Nota is a testament to creativity, offering a harmonious balance to the culinary symphony on the plate.

Alexis Offe, Co-Founder of Uma Nota, shares his excitement, stating, “Uma Nota has always been a celebration of cultural harmony, a symphony where Brazilian and Japanese influences dance together. Our journey into Manila is more than just an expansion; it's an immersion into the rich tapestry of flavors and experiences unique to this vibrant city.” He adds that the difference with Hong Kong, Manila will be elevating the experience, big events will become a regular part of the program, promising a dynamic atmosphere that goes beyond the ordinary. 

Uma Nota Manila is not just a venue; it's a destination for those seeking a thrilling blend of entertainment, design, and immersive experiences.

Uma Nota’s Executive Chef Gustavo Vargas has developed a menu that caters to every palate, whether you like it raw, from the wok, grilled or baked. 

On his menu, Executive Chef Gustavo Vargas adds, “We've been hard at work collaborating with Kyle Ureta, our Manila Head Chef to create dishes that bring together the bold flavors of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine while catering specifically to the local palate. In a city known for its diverse food scene, we're confident that our menu, crafted in harmony with local influences, 

will offer a delicious and unique dining experience.”

Contact Information:

Smart Tel: 0908899292766

Globe Tel & WhatsApp: 09173072766



Opening Hours:

Dinner: Sun-Tue, 6:00 pm - 12:00AM

Bar Hours: 

Sun-Tue, 6:00PM - 2:00AM

Wed-Sat 6:00PM - 4:00AM 


Total Seated Capacity: 174 pax

Living Room: 68 pax

Bar: 32 pax

Meiji Room: Dining setup: 12 pax / Cocktail setup 30 pax (for privatization, minimum spend required)

Tropicalia: 44 pax / Cocktail setup 80 pax (for privatization, minimum spend required)

Total Standing Capacity: 500-550 pax

Gross Leasable Area: 730 sqm

Gross ServiceableArea (for patrons): 580 sqm

Payment Channels:

All major credit cards, Cash, G-Cash

Reservations are available & encouraged.

Tables of 6 or more require the Chef's Menu and a deposit to secure the reservation.

Private Rooms: Meiji Room, Tropicalia.

Catering, Chef-at-Home, and private event hire available.

Corkage fees: Champagne: PHP6,000, Spirits: PHP6,000, Wine: PHP3,000

Cake Cutting fee: PHP1,000

Get ready, Manila, for Uma Nota's signature blend of zest, precision, and cultural harmony that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. 

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