Phoebe Walker stars in an advocacy film 'Buy Bust Queen' Directed by JR Olinares

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

In times likes this, our country is facing a lot of social and economical problems and one of them is fighting illegal drugs. Pinoyflix Films and Entertainment Production in cooperation with Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) presents a film that will showcase how PDEA combat people who proliferates drugs and distributes it all over the country. We all know how drug abuse makes everything complicated or worse, the outcome with people who uses it might even be death. 

In this true story-inspired narrative, the motto "Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid" encapsulates the daily courage exhibited by PDEA agents. 

This tale centers on seven exceptional women who defy gender norms, showcasing their unwavering dedication and resilience in joining an institution traditionally dominated by men.  Their commitment stems from a lifetime of virtues, forming an unshakable foundation that cannot be easily replicated. 

“BUY BUST QUEEN” is an advocacy film about women leading the operations of PDEA.  It portrays the agency in a positive light during the Philippine drug war.

Watch the BUY BUST QUEEN media conference

The film by JR Olinares is very relevant nowadays since the fight against prohibited drugs is ongoing. The film was shot after the pandemic, in 2021 and finally it will be shown this year commercially and hopefully internationally. 

Phoebe Walker

PDEA Director Gen. Wilkins Villanueva, Phoebe Walker and Direk JR Olinares

Since the showing of the film coincides with International Women's Month, Phoebe Walker shared how she prepared for the film since this needs most if her physical endurance. They had an immersion with the PDEA team together with PDEA Director Gen. Villanueva so that they can execute every action and scenes in the film. Direk JR praised Phoebe for being very professional at work and for staying focussed despite her experiencing some personal problems at the time. Phoebe shared that she ended a relationship while shooting the film and even though her heart was broken, when the director says, "Action!", she needs to go back to her roles and forget her current emotions.

Former PDEA Director Gen. Villanueva also shared that this film is very informative and will raise awareness for everyone who doesn't know how hard it is for the PDEA team to combat illegal drugs. It is also a way to showcase how women also dominates this field. This movie is also based from on a true story of the real Buy Bust Queen (as she is tagged or known as such) who is Director III Charlene Magdurulang, which inspired role of Phoebe Walker in d film.

From being a PDEA female agent, right now, she is a Regional Director of PDEA Region 13 CARAGA.

In reality today, women agents in PDEA have been increased.  Despite being under-represented, women are highly successful in major operations of the agency.

This film shall break stereotypes and will flip the gender scales a bit, proving that women can join spaces previously dominated by men,” says Direk JR.
Watch the official trailer of Buy Bust Queen

Starring Phoebe Walker and special participation of PDEA Director Gen. Wilkins Villanueva (as himself), featuring Ritz Azul, Maxine Medina, Ellaine Ochoa, Cheng Alessa, Ameera Johara, Ayeesha Cevantes, Ervic Vijandre with Christian Vazquez, Jeric Raval, Alex Medina, Jeffrey Santos, Dindo Arroyo, Ping Medina, and Ricardo Cepeda.

Cinematography is by Jimboy Signo and Rico Jacinto, screenplay by Lawrence Nicodemus, editing and visual effects by Outpost Frontier and Cre8Team Multimedia, production manager is Rochelle Fermano, assistant director is Ambo Junicto

Line and supervising producer is JR Orlinales, executive producers are Pinoyflix Films and Zaldy Lumacang, directed by JR Orlinales, Jr. (Jose R. Olinares, Jr.)

Opens February 28 (Wed) in more than 100 cinemas nationwide.


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