Indulge in Luxurious Skincare on Valentine’s Day at the Hydra Skin Clinic in SM Aura

Monday, February 12, 2024

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. What better way to enjoy the Month of Love than to care for your body and well-being? 

Whether it’s a journey to self-love or a special moment with you and your partner, there will be something perfect at the newly opened Hydra Skin Clinic at SM Aura. Why not set aside a special day this month and enjoy some much-needed care and attention? Hydra has everything you’ll need for a complete rejuvenation from head to toe.

So plan ahead with the following luxurious Valentine’s Day packages designed to celebrate love!

Sweet Indulgence Package
Book the Cleopatra Bath for you and your partner and enjoy a free 45 minute Swedish massage plus a glass of champagne for the both of you.

How to Avail: Pay a P2,000 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 9-15.

Sweetheart Lips Promo 
Kissable lips? Avail our lip fillers and receive a complimentary Perk Lip Hydrafacial to ready yourself for that special date!.

How to Avail: Pay a P1000 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 1-15.

Intimate Glow Promo
Getting ready for the sheets? Why not try the Gyne Whitening and Gyne Tightening Laser procedures and receive a complimentary Gyne Facial. 

How to Avail: Pay a P1000 non refundable fee to reserve a slot from Feb 1-29. Available every Tuesday to Thursday and Saturdays only.

Perfect Together Promo
Ensure that beautiful radiance and avail of any of our Drips! You can enjoy a free Foot Reflexology and Foot Spa treatment from Feb 1-29 when you try this service.

How to Avail: Pay a P500 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 1-29. 

Me & You Promo
Look and feel like a million bucks! Avail of any of our Facial treatments and get a 20% discount on any of our Facial treatments for your companion/partner.

How to Avail: Pay a 1,000 non refundable fee (Deductible from your total bill) to secure a slot from Feb 1-29.

Explore Hydra’s Luxurious Treatments 
The Hydra Skin Clinic boasts of having the newer model for Ultherapy, the gold standard and the only FDA-approved non-invasive procedure for lifting and tightening skin around your neck and your face which in turn, improves lines and wrinkles. The ultrasound imaging with Ultherapy allows for energy to be delivered precisely to the place where it will benefit you most, leaving a natural-looking result over time.

Adding to their roster of premium offerings is the Total Skin Solution which is a combination of RF micro-needling with a thulium skin resurfacing device and Exosomes that helps regenerate collagen and elastin. Wrinkles and scars can look less noticeable and skin texture can be improved. One of the most popular choices for a comprehensive treatment that yields immediate results is the Hydra Glitz. This treatment combines a blend of the patented hydrafacial technology and Hollywood Spectra, making your skin hydrated and giving it a healthy glow. 

Feeling self-indulgent? Hydra has something exciting in store for you! Inspired by Queen Cleopatra’s love for milk baths, Hydra’s Cleopatra Luxury Bath helps soften skin texture while giving it a brighter glow. The bath is a rich-concoction of milk, honey, flower petals, and dried oranges. It is coupled with a gold hydro jelly mask that rejuvenates your face, leaving it firmer and more radiant.

Indulge in the Power of Hair Treatments
Hair treatments are also available to help issues of hair fall and thinning hair. Depending on the patient's needs, the complete hair treatment package includes scalp facials and Keravive boosters, a highly concentrated blend of revitalizing peptides that promotes healthier, thicker, fuller-looking hair, enhanced scalp circulation, and a cleaner, exfoliated, and hydrated scalp and hair follicles.  The combination of PRP + Healite LED light therapy + Exosomes improves blood flow to the hair follicle and increases the thickness of the hair shaft, helping to sustain natural hair growth. The Ultra Grow  treatment on the other hand makes use of a Thulium laser + Healite LED therapy + Exosomes to revitalize your scalp and increase the scalp’s absorption of exosomes that are especially made for hair regeneration.

With all the premium services to choose from, there is sure to be a skin procedure that is perfect for your needs. Let Hydra Skin Clinic treat you and unlock a fresh realm of beauty and confidence. 

Perhaps one of the unique services of Hydra comes in gynecology aesthetics where women can get tightening, whitening, exfoliation, and rejuvenation of their intimate area with the help of the clinic’s resident OB-GYNs. Hydra’s doctors include experts in aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and OB-GYN with a specialization in aesthetics. 

To know more about Hydra’s services, visit the HYDRA Skin Clinic in SM Aura, Taguig City or through social media platforms.

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