HUAWEI Fan Carnival 2023: A Wonderful Journey for Global HUAWEI Fans

Thursday, December 21, 2023

HUAWEI fans from around the world gathered in Songshan Lake, China, to participate in the three-day HUAWEI Fan Carnival 2023. This is a global offline celebration and gathering between HUAWEI and fans with an opportunity to visit Huawei Health Lab, experiencing the latest products and technologies, reviewing growth and sharing their voices.

Exploring the Mysteries Behind HUAWEI's Smart Wearable Products at HUAWEI Health Lab
The HUAWEI Health Lab welcomed the global HUAWEI fans and showcased different areas in the facility such as the high-altitude simulation chamber, professional basketball court, exercise physiology research area, and rock-climbing research area. These areas are important in learning the precise sports tracking function of HUAWE's smartwatches and the significant contributions of these professional testing models.

Visiting Ox Horn Campus and Renewing Passion through Lens 

At HUAWEI’s Ox Horn Campus in Songshan Lake, the fans visited the European-style building complex, took rides on the distinctive train, and recorded these impressive and beautiful sceneries with their HUAWEI smartphones.

During the interview, some fans talked about their opinions and showed their love for HUAWEI through the lens of their smartphones. "We are enjoying it absolutely, we are excited to see more from HUAWEI. Actually, this trip is the best trip that I have had in my life." said Bright from Thailand, who owns almost all of HUAWEI's products. He even owns the newly released car AITO M5.

During the annual awarding ceremony, HUAWEI Community reviewed the growth journey of HUAWEI fans and presented commemorative medals to the fans as a way of thanking them for their long-term support. These medals are not only a testament to the fans' support and love but also a way for the HUAWEI Community to express its gratitude to users.

At the Summit Gala, Grace Baldemor from the Philippines took the stage as a representative of global fans. She has been using HUAWEI phones since 2018 and keeps updating her products, ranging from smartphones to tablets, laptops, vision, and smartwatches. She is a loyal HUAWEI product user and has been actively participating in the HUAWEI Community. Grace shared her product usage experience with over 400 HUAWEI fans in attendance and expressed her gratitude to the HUAWEI Community. 

Capturing the Latest Technology at Fashion Street and Experience Smart Driving at the Flagship Store
To give fans a comprehensive understanding of HUAWEI's latest products, HUAWEI initiated a fun activity such as Fashion Street session. Global fans communicated with each other, experienced HUAWEI products and technologies, and engaged in interesting technological interactive games in Fashion Street.

Before heading to the Fashion Streets, HUAWEI Community team prepared a special session called “Secret Room”, which was a preview of the new products released at the recent press conference in Dubai, including Huawei's first open-earbud series HUAWEI FreeClip, the larger, lighter and stronger tablet HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2-inch, and the HUAWEI MateBook D 16, a laptop with a large 16-inch screen but weighing only 1.68kg. 

Some fans had the chance to use the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2-inch and NearLink styluses to create drawings at the Maker's Gallery and experienced the technological empowerment of sports through HUAWEI's smart wearables at the Youth Stadium. 

At the final stop of the HUAWEI Fan Carnival 2023, fans visited HUAWEI's Flagship Store in Shenzhen, and had a closer look at the recently-released HUAWEI WATCH GT 4, HUAWEI WATCH 4, and the intelligent luxury electric SUV.

In the HUAWEI Flagship Store, the award-winning works of the 2023 Global XMAGE Contest were showcased, including the grand prize winner, Domcar Calinawan Lagto, a Filipino filmmaker and author. 

From online to offline, the HUAWEI Fan Carnival brought fans from around the world together, creating a fantastic technological journey for them. Because of their passion, HUAWEI fans traveled thousands of miles to meet each other and write this technological legend with HUAWEI.

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