Filipino artists take spotlight at Re-Aligned Exhibit located at 29 Kapitolyo Art Space

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Art enthusiasts, rejoice and come together! There's a new destination at the heart of Pasig City where Contemporary art and and other means of expressing creativity is celebrated. 

Located at 29 West Capitol Drive, 5th Floor La Amour Building, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. 29 Kapitolyo Art Space is indeed a haven for arts, the spacious room get the kind of natural light that would make it every spots picture perfect and would make you appreciate each canvass more. Since it is at the heart of the metro, groceries, restaurants and other leisure establishments are all a short walk away.

For its inaugural showcase, "Re-Aligned," exhibit unfolded last December 12.  This features the creative works of Chrisanto Aquino, Cezar Arro, Rax Bautista, Janos Delacruz, Honesto Guirella, Jill Arwen Posadas, Christian Regis, Beatrix Syjuco, Valen Valero, Meneline Wong, and Ritche Yee.

Present during the launch were:

Rax Bautista, a photographer, creative director, and painter, re-aligns natural elements into artistic reincarnations. Her abstract works, textured and intricate, pay homage to Mother Nature, capturing the essence of her admiration for the world.

Ritche Yee, a conceptual artist with a rebellious inclination, re-aligns decayed structures into thought-provoking art. His eccentric and rebellious artistic inclination provokes philosophical and social realities that stimulate aesthetic and authentic experiences.

Honesto Guiruela III, a mixed media artist known for miniature houses, re-aligns childhood nostalgia with his intricate 3D-effect works. Scrap materials become visual narratives of his upbringing in Valenzuela, illustrating the vibrant life within his chosen environment.

Jill Arwen Posadas, an artist and writer, realigns her illustrative prowess into colorful visuals inspired by playful childhood memories and online RPGs. Each piece captures the joyous essence of pastel-filled childhood experiences, creating a delightful fusion of nostalgia and artistic expression.

Janos Delacruz, a painter and printmaker, re-aligns urban landscapes and surreal imagery, plunging into social commentary and self-exploration. His canvases become a philosophical narrative, exploring the conflicted relationship between the divine’s ethereal beauty and humanity’s frail reality within the urban sprawl.

Other artists featured at 20 Kapitolyo Art Space are:

Meneline Wong, an obstetrician-gynecologist turned artist, re-aligns science and art, creating vibrant canvases that bridge the gap between controlled chaos and beauty. Her paintings, marked by beautiful smudged colors and patterns, reflect her expertise in analyzing pigments.

Valen Valero, a visual artist, re-aligns abstract expressionism with geometry, infusing her artworks with lines, rectangular shapes, light wide brushes, and a variety of irregular shapes. In her electrifying pieces, the interplay of these elements forms a dynamic visual language.

Beatrix Syjuco, daughter of multi-awarded artists Cesare and Jean Marie Syjuco, re-aligns abstract art with emotional narratives. Her large-scale paintings and installations become pages from a diary, encapsulating stories of love, hope, struggle, and truth.

Christian Regis, a visual artist with a distinctive interpretation of Manila’s historical landmarks, re-aligns the cityscape with bursts of color. His vibrant paintings provide a fresh perspective on familiar scenes, offering an alternative to the heaviness often associated with conceptual art.

Cezar Arro, an Ilonggo expressionist and modern realistic artist, re-aligns women’s faces within the abstract realm. His works offer timeless reflections on the enduring allure and complexity of the human form, becoming poetic odes to the essence of femininity.

Chrisanto Aquino, the youngest Grand Winner of the PAGCOR National Art Competition in 2012, re-aligns contemporary and traditional elements in his artworks. His textured artworks transcend cultural boundaries, offering viewers a nuanced exploration of heritage and innovation.

"Re-Aligned" mirrors the heartbeat of the gallery's vision. It beckons you to witness a transformative narrative where artistic boundaries blur, perspectives realign, and connections flourish. 

This exhibit is a living testament to our mission: to champion the diversity of contemporary art and foster a nurturing space, valuing the sacred partnership between artist and gallery.

Every month, they will be featuring different works of art so be updated and check their official social media sites for more details. 

29 Kapitolyo Art Space
29 West Capitol Drive, 5th Floor 
La Amour Building, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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