Architect-approved! Condo with Oasis-like features Youtube Content Creator Arch. Oliver Austria shares valuable insights on RLC Residences’ Woodsville Crest

Thursday, November 23, 2023

True craftsmanship lies in the details. It’s the fine line that distinguishes an excellent work from the ordinary. This craftsmanship should be a prerequisite when making a big-ticket purchase such as a future home since you’re not just buying a piece of property, you’re investing in a personal sanctuary.
To break down the details of what transforms a home into an oasis, RLC Residences collaborated with YouTube’s favorite Pinoy Architect Oliver Austria to analyze the thoughtful details found in Woodsville Crest’s newest building called Olive. Known for his funny and friendly reaction videos with his insights into architecture and construction, Arch. Oliver collaborated with the brand by doing a “fun virtual tour” of Woodsville Crest while showing his followers (which he calls Mah Dudes Army) his architect-approved features of the development: 

1. Generous open spaces
One of the many features Arch. Oliver cited in his vlog are the various open and landscaped areas found in Woodsville Crest. “Rare sa isang development ang madaming open space and amenities. As much as possible, gusto i-maximize ng 

developers ang lote pero dito sa Woodsville Crest, conscious ang designers sa well-being ng mga titira dito,” Oliver said.

(It’s rare for a [condo] development to have plenty of open spaces and amenities. As much as possible, [developers] would opt to maximize the lot. But Woodsville Crest is different, because designers of the project are conscious about the well-being of its future residents).”
Among these amenities mentioned are the outdoor pools, picnic groves, pet park, play area, and wellness trail. These make Woodsville Crest a relaxing space for urban dwellers seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.
2. Ceiling gap and earthy material choices
Another feature Oliver mentioned in the video is the shadow gap in the corners of the ceiling, a detail that helps provide perimeter support in the unit. In terms of colors, Oliver emphasized the importance of materials used and how they affect the overall feel of the development. As for Woodsville Crest, he lauded how the lobby is designed similar to a “five-star hotel” and that RLC Residences’ choice of wood and green shades are meant to make residents feel like they’re in an oasis when entering the property.  

3. Atrium design
Having an open space that functions as communal space is important in condominiums, and this is another feature Arch. Oliver highlighted in his vlog. The atrium design of Woodsville Crest follows an open space concept that also extends to the interiors, while the auxiliary lobby also functions as an efficient divider from the residential units.
Oliver commented that it’s a “nice communal space kung saan pwedeng maghintay mga guests or tambay mga residents. (nice communal space where guests and residents can stay)” He also praised the auxiliary lobby’s high ceiling. The hallways on the upper floors overlook the lobby, which provides ventilation and avoids the claustrophobic feeling of enclosed spaces.
4. Seamless space division through tiles and materials
Oliver also zoomed in on the finer details of the auxiliary lobby. Woodsville Crest used different tiles to create space divisions. This eschews dividers which take up space and are eyesores which work for areas with big spaces.

Another trick he recommends, especially in one’s own unit, is using wall accents and different materials to create divisions. He also mentioned the plank tiles on the floor add a point of interest, adding that the marble baseboards included are easier to maintain.

Additionally, he noted that Woodsville Crest’s units are thoughtfully designed so a wall separates the living space from the kitchen without bulky partitions. He also noted that using such a clear partition in the two-bedroom unit is a good move as it also allows natural lighting to come in the living room. 
5. Ergonomic laundry design that maximizes ventilation
Laundry can be a headache for condo dwellers because some units have no space for drying clothes. One detail that sets a well-designed unit apart is a dedicated laundry provision - a feature not normally offered by other developments especially in the unit’s balcony.
Oliver emphasized that Woodsville Crest not only has a built-in laundry space that maximizes the unit’s ventilation but also a clothesline for units without a balcony. Those with balconies have a retractable clothesline. The architect mentioned, “Rare sa condo ang may clothesline sa balconahe (Condos that allow clothes drying in the balcony are rare). That shows how much they care about their residents.”
Have other favorite features of Woodsville Crest? Make sure to share yours in the comment section of his vlog.
For those interested in seeking their sanctuary at Woodsville Crest, RLC Residences is offering a 5% launch discount for units in the Olive building. An additional 0.5% percent is also available for existing customers of RLC Residences, while a Php 25,000 reservation fee promo for studio units is offered for a limited time only. For more information, please visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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