SIQUIJOR Travel Guide: Where to stay at San Juan, Siquijor

Monday, October 23, 2023

I love traveling, especially here in our native land, the Philippines. There are so many places to visit yet there's so little time especially when the pandemic came. Which is why I understand how most of us had this "revenge travel" slated because we want to keep up for the lost time that we didn't get to explore how beautiful our country is and at the same time, took a breather and reconnect with Mother Nature. 

SIQUIJOR has been one of my top places that I wish to visit and thankfully, we were blessed to book a flight and travel to this enchanting and mystical place. 

Once you get to Siquijor's port area, you'll be amazed at how clear the water is. So far, this is the cleanest and most beautiful port I've seen. 

The Spaniards called Siquijor, "The Island of Fire". Siquijor is not only known for its pristine beaches, lush forests, and vibrant marine life but also for its intriguing tales of witchcraft, faith healers and mythical creatures. It is also known for its centuries-old churches, which showcase impressive Spanish colonial architecture.

With its rich cultural heritage and natural wonders, the island offers unforgettable Siquijor tours for travelers seeking a fun-filled adventure.

How to Go to Siquijor

Siquijor can be reached through various transportation options. When taking flights to the Philippines, the main gateway to Siquijor is Dumaguete City, which offers convenient access for travelers. Direct flights to Dumaguete are available from Manila Airport and other major Philippine destinations. 

Once you arrive at the Dumaguete Airport, you will find that airport transfer services are readily available, making your journey to the Dumaguete Port a hassle-free experience. From there, you can catch a ferry that departs for Siquijor. Alternatively, travelers can also book Siquijor tours that include transfers from Dumaguete, providing a convenient and hassle-free way to reach the island.

Another option is to take a ferry from Cebu or Bohol to Larena Port in Siquijor, another major port on the island. Once you arrive at Larena Port, you will have convenient access to explore the breathtaking natural wonders and cultural attractions spread throughout Siquijor.

Where to stay at SIQUIJOR

This year, 2023, when we visited Siquijor, I was amazed at how many choices you have when picking the right place to for you to stay when you get there. Whether you're a couple, family or barkada/friends, you will surely find the perfect resort or airbnb where you can stay, plus most of the places here are very affordable.

We booked our stay via Airbnb and we picked ENRICO'S GUEST HOUSE. I love our stay here because the room is just perfect for two persons, the bathroom is equally spacious with hot shower, bidet plus (tabo and timba). There are electric sockets as well. 

What I love about this place is that you have your own veranda where you can sit and eat breakfast, lunch or dinner there just in case you're not going to dine out and prefer to cook. Enrico's have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals. Kitchen utensils and cookwares are available. They also offer free purified water and a water dispenser for hot water. 
Here's a mini tour at Enrico's Guest House

Mind you that this is habagat season when we went there which is why the beach front is like that but they say summer is the best season to go to Siquijor. We also enjoy the company of these two adorable doggies who became our companion every morning when we go for a walk at the beach. 

San Juan Siquijor is also a very walkable town. A few walks from Enrico's you can find Julie's Bakeshop then you can also find grocery stores. You can ride a tricycle to go the the public market if ever you decide to cook your meals. 

There are plenty of travel destinations at Siquijor, once you arrived at the port, there'll be drivers there waiting and will be offering their services. You can choose your mode of transpo via motorbike, tricycle or van. I'll be doing a separate blog post about the tourist spots we visited at Siquijor 🤗🤩

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