Own Your Beauty: Celebrate yourself and Flawless Face & Body Clinic’s 22 years of Beauty Excellence

Friday, October 27, 2023

For almost 22 years, Flawless Face & Body Clinic has provided top-tier solutions to meet every Filipino’s unique skin needs and set itself apart by being the high-quality and economical choice. But ultimately, it is the Flawless Doctors and aestheticians’ expert touch and the brand’s inclusive, scientific approach to beauty that keep loyal customers coming back for their regular appointments.

We have always wanted people to embrace their own confidence,” says founder, owner, and Flawless CEO Rubby Sy. “I personally hold the belief that putting your best foot forward is half the battle in most things, and that means investing in self-care—you cannot give what you do not put into yourself. It isn’t about looking like someone else, but bringing the best version of yourself to the surface.”

In honor of the 22nd National Flawless Day this December 2023, the clinic is offering customers old and new  3+1 and 4+1 Medical and Non-medical Service Packages that, after free consultation, promises to holistically cater to each individual need. In these packages, certain medical and non-medical services are available for all clients to further their beauty journey, as guided by certified Flawless experts.

Clarifying treatments include the Easy Peel, Mesoestetic Peel, FNT Retinol, and Fraxelite, while Brightening treatments include the nutrient-rich Beauty Drip, Vita Detox or Vita Detox with Vitamin C, and FNT Whitening. Flawless friends may also opt for Lifting in the form of FNT Exosomes or FNT Lifting, or Body Solutions like Shape & Sculpt or Laser Hair Removal.

Each remaining month of 2023 will also see exclusive Flash Sales from Flawless, including this month’s offer of 22% off on two sessions of Nano PowerPeel with Mask or Advanced Facial with Rejuvelite, and a free second session with every purchase of Beauty Drip, Vita Detox, or Laser Hair Removal, from October 28 to 31.

Over two decades, Flawless has made it a point to be accessible—under its “Beauty begins here” slogan, there is also the guiding principle that beauty belongs to and is inherent in everyone—as well as safe. Beyond exceeding the World Health Organization standards for aesthetic centers, Flawless’ 27 (and counting) clinics all employ the latest and greatest in well-researched skincare and beauty treatments, complying not only with external safety regulations but also its own standard of care.

Celebrate 22 years of beauty excellence and embark on the next chapter of your beauty journey; Flawless Clinic is still the Filipinas’ secret to timeless, accessible, and radiant confidence. Find out more via their websiteFacebook page, Instagram, and TikTok.

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