The Last Resort' will exclusively premiere on Goblin's subscription-based streaming platform

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Goblin Films presents 'The Last Resort', a riveting cinematic experience, journey with Robert (Oliver Aquino) and Emily (Erin Ocampo), a couple teetering on the edge of separation. 

Erin Ocampo holding the corset that she used in the film.
Oliver Aquino and Erin Ocampo

Determined to rekindle their fading romance, they heed the counsel of their marriage therapist, embarking on a weekend getaway to a secluded, private resort. Nestled in a remote haven designed for ultimate relaxation and escape, Robert and Emily anticipate respite from the chaos of their everyday lives. 

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However, as the sun sets on their dream retreat, a chilling nightmare unfolds, thrusting them into a spine-tingling tale of suspense, survival, and the enduring power of love. A film by Dave Lao and Director Jay Altarejos. 

"The Last Resort" will exclusively premiere in the newest innovative subscription-based interactive streaming platform that promises to revolutionize entertainment, GOBLIN

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Goblin introduces 'GSpot,' a groundbreaking virtual magazine providing a 360-degree experience that will redefine how you engage with content. 

Don't miss the premiere of 'The Last Resort" exclusively on Goblin's subscription-based streaming platform. Mark your calendars for September 26, 2023, as Goblin Films unveil a story that will grip your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat Experience the beginning of a new era in cinema and entertainment with Goblin - The Hottest and Naughtiest Streaming Platform. 

Goblin will be launching their app soon, for now you can watch the premiere via Visit the official social media accounts of Goblin via Facebook and Instagram

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