Japanese Rock Group SKYGARDEN releases debut single 'KOKOA' under AltG Records

Friday, September 01, 2023

SKYGARDEN, the beloved Japanese trio consisting of Ryoichi “Ryo” Rivera Nagtsuka, Hiro Ozaki, and Iwaki “Iwa” Maegawa, officially joins GMA Music’s dynamic sub-label AltG Records.

The contract signing happened last July 28 with GMA Music Managing Director Rene Salta, Artist and Repertoire Manager and in-house producer Kedy Sanchez, and SKYGARDEN manager Ruby Cuevas.

Since their debut in 2022, the SKYGARDEN trio of Ryo, Hiro, and Iwa have won the hearts of Filipinos with their infectious energy, creative ideas, and engaging video content. Their videos quickly went viral across social media platforms, amassing impressive viewership on Facebook, Tiktok, and YouTube. This caught the attention of the Kapuso Network and led them to become contestants in GMA’s top-rating game show Family Feud.

SKYGARDEN Media Conference

We all started as content creators. Our goal is to entertain our audience with the various challenges we take on. And of course, now that we are part of AltG Records, we also want to share our songs with the Filipinos and sana ma-feel nila ‘yung passion ng mga kanta namin,” says Ryo.

Although the trio may look hard core Japanese, they want to feel what's it like to live in the Philippines, as content creators, they've showcased some of their best experiences in the country like "circumcision" and more in the future. The trio also shared that they look forward to meeting their idols in the music scene like Kamikazee and Mayonnaise. They wish to collaborate with them in the future because in terms of music, their genres would definitely jive. When it comes to their celebrity crushes, it's Thea Tolentino, Julie Anne San Jose and Barbie Forteza. 

They wish to write and produce more songs in the future and at the same time do charity work and help the youth specifically children who goes to school. They wish to give them nutritious food that can help them while they are studying.

The trio’s unique blend of talents and cultural influences will be heard soon. They have been producing covers of popular OPM songs, adding their unique spin and Japanese touch. Their much-anticipated debut single “KOKOA” is scheduled for release in September 1. Written by Hiro, the song carries a profound message of love and affection. The title was derived from the Japanese phrase “Kokoro kara Aishiteru” which translates to “I love you from the bottom of my heart.” It was inspired by Iwa’s experience in love and blends Japanese anime rock with Tagalog lyrics.

We’ve always believed in pushing boundaries and bringing something fresh to our audience. ‘Kokoa’ is a testament to our dedication to authenticity and creativity. Our music, just like our content, is a reflection of who we are as individuals and as a group,” shares Ryo.

SKYGARDEN’s debut single KOKOA will be released on Sept 1, composed by Ajae Alano (SKYGARDEN) and Hiro Ozaki (SKYGARDEN) and produced by SKYGARDEN.

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