Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. Introduces non-alcoholic sangria, Maria Clara Virgin Sangria

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

LWhen it comes to trends for beverages in 2023, alcohol-free options for existing product lines are an emerging product segment. It’s not just about not drinking, however, but about having a choice.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, increasingly conscious of the value of health, consumers began making more healthy lifestyle choices, with one of these being the decrease in or abstinence from alcohol consumption. There has been a significant rise in demand for low- to no-alcohol products, as alcohol-free drinks allow consumers to maintain healthy lifestyles, even as social gatherings have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Non-alcoholic drinks provide a sober alternative to liquor without sacrificing the social experience, as people who are not drinkers search for alternatives without compromising their sobriety, as well as their health. 

Now, a favorite Filipino drink, sangria, goes “virgin.” Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc., the maker of Maria Clara Sangria, the no. 1 sangria in the Philippines, introduces its non-alcoholic version. The fruity and flavorful Maria Clara Virgin Sangria can be enjoyed chilled or over ice for any occasion, anywhere, and without hesitation—a great way to savor the cocktail taste that people love without the worry of what alcohol may do to their bodies, as Maria Clara Virgin delivers full flavor with 0 percent alcohol and with less added sugars.

It is Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc.’s mission to help people change the way they celebrate and enjoy special occasions in their lives. The company also aims to cater to all types of consumers in the market, specifically the low-alcohol or non-alcoholic segment.

Just recently, Moira Dela Torre, the enchanting singer known for her heartfelt lyrics, is now the brand ambassador of Maria Clara Sangria, the leading sangria brand in the Philippines. 

Moira composed the anthem Maria Clara, a full-length song that is the brand’s new jingle. She lends her soothing voice to deliver a positive message of self-love, regardless of the situation. Maria Clara tells everyone that sometimes, it's okay to not feel okay, but you can take your time and be assured that everything will be alright.

Maria Clara humanizes the leading brand and frames the product as a steady companion and a good friend to spend time with. According to the songwriter herself, “ it’s basically a friend for all seasons. And so, Maria Clara is a reminder of where you’ve been and where you’re going and who you are as a woman.” Moira adds that she wanted to focus on what Maria Clara was its effect on the lives of people saying “It’s been a friend. It’s helped ease loneliness, it has helped people cope, It has helped people celebrate.”

Now, you can also enjoy life’s moments without the need for alcohol with Maria Clara Virgin, which aligns beautifully with Moira’s message of being true to yourself.

Take the time to reflect on the lyrics and melody of Maria Clara, composed by this extraordinary talent, while enjoying a glass or Maria Clara Sangria or Maria Clara Virgin.

Maria Clara by Moira dela Torre can be streamed on Spotify. Maria Clara Sangria and Maria Clara Virgin are available in all major retail outlets.

Sangria fans can indulge without the guilt. Maria Clara Virgin will be available in all major retail outlets at an SRP of P192.00.

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