Breaking Stereotypes: Airspeed Supports Women Entrepreneurs through WomenBizPH Trade Fair

Thursday, September 07, 2023

In today's rapidly evolving economy,women entrepreneurs are increasingly making significant contributions. Their role in driving economic growth and fostering innovation cannot be overstated. To ensure that they can fully maximize their potential and make it happen, it is important to provide them with the necessary support and resources.

One effective approach to supporting women entrepreneurs is by establishing partnerships with MSMEs. This strategy has proven successful in promoting women-led businesses and driving their growth and success. Mrs. Rosemarie P. Rafael, Chairperson and President of Airspeed Group, has been a strong advocate for supporting women entrepreneurs.

Chairperson Rafael, also the President of the Women’s Business Council Philippines, has dedicated her efforts to empowering women-led businesses in the country. One of her projects is the partnership with WomenBizPH. Through this partnership, Airspeed demonstrates its commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs by providing them with valuable support and resources.

The Amazing Philippines Digital Economy Corporation (APDEC) is the digital and advocacy arm of Airspeed and has been dedicated to optimize supply chain processes for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). One of the key focuses of APDEC is to ensure that women entrepreneurs have access to opportunities that will enable them to digitalize their businesses, stay updated with current trends, and tap into the market to grow their businesses. Through Kahanga-Hanga PH, a proud Pinoy digital platform that houses Filipino products, Speedgits, Airspeed’s digital gifting platform designed to take MSMEs’ businesses globally, and Pinaspeed one of the newest booking platforms that offers faster and easier delivery options, Airspeed Group hopes to bridge the digital divide and provide necessary resources to support women entrepreneurs in the country.

APDEC also provides training programs, workshops, and mentorship opportunities that will equip women-led businesses with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital landscape. Airspeed also facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities through events,workshops, and conferences,women entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded individuals,share experiences, and build valuable business relationships.

When women are given the opportunities and support they need, they can unleash their fullest potential as entrepreneurs.This also benefits the entire economy.By promoting gender equality in the business world, countries can pin to avast pool of talent,expertise,and creativity that may otherwise remain untapped.

Women Strong Network Hybrid Trade Fair

WomenBizPH and Airspeed, a partnership dedicated to empowering women-owned Businesses recognize the importance of providing opportunities for women to succeed in this sector. From September 1-3,2023, women entrepreneurs can showcase their products and services at the Women Strong Network Hybrid Trade Fair at the Event Area of SM Megamall Building A,Mandaluyong City. The online exhibition will be from September 4-19, 2023 at the Join WomenBizPH and Airspeed in their mission to empower women-owned businesses and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable business landscape. Together,we can make it happen and create a brighter future for women entrepreneurs.

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