PH bags grand champion award in ALOHA Mental Arithmetic International Competition 2023

Wednesday, August 09, 2023

Filipinos are indeed world champions 🇵🇭 Rheana Yasmin Campos, 10 years old hailing from Caloocan was one of the Grand Champions in the recent ALOHA MENTAL ARITHMETIC INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION held in Malaysia. Over 700 students from different countries competed in this prestigious event and Rheana defeated them! 
Rheana is a proud student from Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic (ALOHA). 

It is a brain development program specifically designed for children ages 4 to 13. It was founded in 1993 by Mr. Loh Mun Sung, who adapted and developed the concept based on the Abacus Computational methods from China and Taiwan. The program was initially introduced in Malaysia and gained popularity, leading to its expansion to other countries. 

ALOHA offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on enhancing a child's mental arithmetic skills and overall brain development. It provides training that enables children to perform calculations swiftly and accurately without relying on external tools such as calculators, computers, or other gadgets. The program utilizes specific teaching methods to help children improve their ability to solve math problems using their mental abilities, regardless of the complexity of the numbers involved. 

Learn more about ALOHA during the media conference 

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic goes beyond mathematical skills and targets a child's IQ and Ea (emotional intelligence). The program aims to assist children in completing their homework more efficiently, developing exceptional mental calculation skills, improving problem-solving abilities, enhancing their capacity to remember information and visualizing conceptual maps in their minds. By engaging in ALOHA, children can strengthen their cognitive abilities and build confidence in their math skills, ultimately alleviating Math Anxiety. 

They aim to support the community by making sure that children are well-equipped with the necessary skills that will enrich their competency in the field of education while having fun. ALOHA provides high-quality learning materials along with their internationally-trained developmental coaches. 

ALOHA also provides whole brain development program that stimulates both hemispheres of the brain by improving the kid's IQ and EQ like the following:

  • Sharpens analytical and imaginative skills
  • Speed and precision on mental calculations
  • Calculations carried out mentally without external aid
  • An advantage in competitive and aptitude exams
  • Calculation up to 10x faster compared to regular method
  • Fast application of logic and memory
  • Boosts Emotional and Intelligence Quotient
  • Lifetime result
Some pointers about Brain  Development 

  • World Reference ALOHA has catered to more than 4 establishment in 1993 today in more than 40 countries since its establishment in 1993 up to today.
  • Quality Material The teaching material used in ALOHA is designed, revised, and updated constantly by a group of experts in the educational field.
  • Competitions ALOHA prepares the students to demonstrate their regional, national, and international skills, solving 70 operations in 5 minutes. 
  • Certified Coaches All ALOHA coaches are qualified and trained to teach our program, receiving constant support from the Quality Department. 
  • Scientific Studies There is a study demonstrating that students enhance their abilities and increase their academic performance with ALOHA. 

ALOHA Programs 
ALOHA provides scientifically proven and effective programs tailored for primary and middle school students. The organization offers three distinct The first t programs, each catering to a specific age group. program, Kinder Tiny Tots, is designed for children aged 4-5 years old and consists of two levels. The second program, Tiny Tots, is for children aged 5-7 years old and encompasses ten levels. Lastly, the Kids program is intended for students aged 8-13 years old and comprises eight levels. 

Rheana showcased her skills in solving mathematical equations by using mental calculations and the abacus.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic Philippines said that they are not only catering to those students who studies at private schools, they are also coordinating to LGUs ao that they can tap public schools and enhance the gifted and those interested to learn more about ALOHA. 

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is accredited by Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (MAMAA) and Zheijang Abacus Association of China.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic Philippines
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