New QA Testing course for beginners from EdTech company GoIT aims to help nurture growth of IT sector in PH

Friday, August 11, 2023

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. recently identified IT-BPM (Business Processing Management) as a key industry that makes the Philippines a “service export powerhouse,” and called for support to continue nurturing the sector’s growth.

To help with this, GoIT—Europe’s leading EdTech company—is offering a new Quality Assurance (QA) Testing course perfect for beginners in the IT industry. There remains plenty of opportunity in the sector even for those who have no background in coding and programming, according to Khrystyna Gankevych, GoIT group Head of growth.

QA Analysts, for instance, do not require advanced knowledge in mathematics and web development but are vital to any IT company. QA Analysts have the crucial task of checking softwares, ensuring that they are working correctly, and finding possible issues. Being a QA Analyst also comes with competitive salaries reaching up to P35,000 every month, according to recent numbers from JobStreet.

“Being a QA Analyst is the fastest way to get into IT without having advanced knowledge in programming or mathematics. As a QA Analyst, you get the chance to work with big IT companies and even make the transition to bigger roles in the future, such as Web developer, Front end developer,” Gankevych explained.

Filipinos looking to maximize their opportunities and enter the IT industry can take the new QA Testing course of GoIT.  It is fully online with synchronous classes held every evening, led by a team of highly qualified local mentors who are established Filipino professionals working for the biggest IT companies in the country and in the world.

Students will learn not only the basics of testing, but also the levels and types of testing encountered in the line of work. The course will also help develop some of the soft skills expected of a QA Analyst, such as teamwork, time management, and communication skills.

Since its launch earlier this year, GoIT has been training newly minted IT professionals in the Philippines through its Fullstack course. So far, more than 3,000 people have attended GoIT’s webinars—with the first batch of Fullstack course completers introduced to the IT industry back in June.

“The Filipino talent is unique, and has been instrumental in the IT industry all around the world,” said Gankevich, who hopes to encourage more Filipinos to explore a fulfilling career in IT. “We are here to equip Filipinos with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed in IT and the goal is that our Filipino students will make significant contributions to their country’s IT sector.”

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