Celebrate pH Care's 20th Anniversary as #TheNo1FeminineWash by Sharing Your #MypHCareStory

Friday, August 18, 2023

It seems unimaginable how feminine wash didn't exist in the country before. Most women just used soap and water to clean their intimate area then—or worse, nothing at all! Some also thought that feminine wash was only for when they had their period or some kind of infection or irritation. Little did they realize that just like cleansing their faces and bodies, they also needed to give the right TLC to their fern area every day. 

pH Care Variants Cooling Comfort, Delicate White, Floral Clean & Natural Protection

That's where pH Care came in and revolutionized feminine care in the country. Now entering its 20th year in the Philippines, pH Care has been the no. 1 feminine care brand in the industry that understands the delicate feminine needs of every Filipina. pH Care provides the most gentle and safe everyday care that's right for you. All pH Care products are clinically formulated with ph level 5 to ensure it's safe to use every day. They're also enhanced with pH Care OdorProTech technology to help keep unwanted odor away all day. 

To mark their 20th anniversary, the brand threw an event last August 16, 2023 at the Glorietta Activity Center to celebrate the journey of pH Care as the leading feminine care expert in the country. The event was all about sharing every woman's #mypHCareStory — stories of care, support, and protection of feminine care needs together with their trusted brand pH Care. The event had a number of things for their guests to experience and interact with. There was a Her-story Gallery of pH Care's milestones throughout the 20 years to see how pH Care has evolved to the changing needs of women. Whether you found out about pH Care from your mom or a friend, a freedom wall station allowed guests to share their own pH Care journey. 

The pH Care ambassadors Belle Mariano, Shaira Diaz. Lexi Gonzales, Sofia Jahrling, and Claudette Ferrer were also present at the event and each shared their experience with the brand. 

Check out the fun activities and Belle Mariano's interview 

The ambassadors even played a short game about the brand, giving guests a glimpse of just how pH Care has been with them all these years. 

Choose from four types of pH Care feminine washes for daily gentle care depending on your needs:

1. pH Care Natural Protection Feminine Wash has 100% Natural Guava Leaf Extract for antibacterial care. 

2. pH Care Cooling Comfort Feminine Wash has ActiveCool for that icy clean feeling down there. 

3. pH Care Delicate White Feminine Wash has Advanced Whitening Complex made up of nature's best skin lightening botanicals for a 5x lighter bikini area. 

4. pH Care Floral Clean Feminine Wash with Dual Hydrating Moisturizers for gentle moisturizing care for your intimate area. 

If you want to feel fresh, clean, and odor-free every day, head to your nearest supermarket or drugstore for the latest pH Care has to offer. Or if you prefer not to step out of your home, pH Care is easily available on Lazada or Shopee. 

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