The Ultimate Dance Battle Returns as Red Bull Dance Your Style Philippines is Back for Another Season

Friday, July 14, 2023

Red Bull Dance Your Style, the renowned brand’s take on a 1-on-1 unique street dance competition that pushes the boundaries of every dancer’s freestyle and improvisation skills, is set to return to the Philippines for its highly anticipated 2nd season.

Carrying on the momentum of last year’s introduction to the country, Red Bull Dance Your Style promises to deliver another intense and electrifying competition that showcases the talent and creativity of the Philippines’ top dancers. Unlike traditional dance competitions, Red Bull Dance Your Style places all the powers in the crowd’s hands as they decide the winner of each battle. The participation of the crowd creates an unparalleled level of atmosphere that empowers every dancer to channel their full potential and deliver a captivating performance.

Red Bull Dance Your Style: A Complete Dancer’s Stomping Ground

The journey of Red Bull Dance Your Style started with auditions to look for the best dancers in the country to compete in the upcoming Cebu and Manila qualifiers under the guidance of Philippine All-Stars’ legends and dance consultants, Vince Mendoza and Lema Diaz. The victorious dancers from both respective qualifiers will move on to the National Finals on September 2, 2023. 

The event is open to all performers who possess the drive, skill, and passion necessary for any good dancer. When asked how the tournament can be daunting to first-time contestants, Mendoza reassured that taking the first step towards new opportunities can change a performer’s life forever. “Don't be afraid to enter for the first time. It's the experience and giving your best that’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. I also get nervous, but if you overcome that fear it will change your life forever and that moment is yours forever,” he said.

The winner of the National Finals will advance to the World Finals and represent the Philippines against the top dancers from around the globe—the World Finals of Red Bull Dance Your Style in Germany in November of this year. 

For more information and updates regarding this year’s season of Red Bull Dance Your Style, visit the official Red Bull website and the following social media pages (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tiktok )

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