Kim Chiu is the newest Brand Ambassador of Sisters Sanitary Napkins & Pantyliners

Thursday, June 01, 2023

What does Megasoft Vice President Ms. Aileen Choi Go and Multimedia Idol Kim Chiu have in common? Aside from both coming from Chinese families, they share the same passion in everything they do - in family, business and their craft. This is the main reason why KIM CHIU is the perfect brand ambassador of the leading feminine hygiene brands in the country, Sisters Sanitary Napkins and Pantyliners

Megasoft Hygienic Products Inc. is thrilled to have Kim on board seeing how she embodies admirable qualities that resonate with their premium product and consumers as well. Kim may be one of the biggest names in the industry today but Megasoft Vice President, Ms. Aileen Choi Go admires the way she remained bubbly, inspiring and down-to-Earth. 

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Launches Kim Chiu as new Endorser

Kim is still overwhelmed with all of the blessings she has been getting even during the pandemic. She may have experience some ups and downs in her life but she definitely rose above them all. She is grateful for all the people who trust her despite having some bashers along the way. She is indeed one of the most sought after actress and endorser in the country and because she is blessed, she never fails to give her family the best that she can ever provide for them. 

According to Kim, they experienced the struggles in life when she was still a kid, she considers herself "NPA" for not having a permanent address because she and her siblings need to go to different provinces in order for them to find a suitable sponsor to support their studies. At that time, she promised herself that she will do everything not to go back in this kind of situation.

Flashback when she landed in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 2016 Season 1, she emerges the top winner, hailing from Cebu. She then step by step started earning money and she remembers going to her first provincial show, she bought a new Nokia cellphone from her earnings that day. It was memorable for her. What's even more remarkable is that just recently, Kim bought a new house, another fruit of her hard work and perseverance. She said that this is her gift for her family so that they can have a vacation house anytime they want to go somewhere cold. 

Fast forward now that she is celebrating her 17th year in the industry, Kim is a regular host of It's Showtime and wows us with her dance moves every Sunday in ASAP Natin `To. She's also part of the stellar cast of Linlang, a new much awaited teleserye airing this year. 

Aside from this, she is also busy with different business ventures, her latest is a leather hand bag business house of littlebunny. Even Ms. Aileen can't get enough of how beautiful these bags are and bought a handful of different colors each! 

For Kim, working hard comes naturally that's why she chooses products that will keep up with her lifestyle. And Sisters Sanitary Napkins and Panty Liners do just that. Affordable and durable, the pads are breathable and absorbent, and features adhesive that prevents it from shifting or leaking. 

Let us see more from this new collaboration in the months to come. For more updates about Sisters Sanitary Napkins, follow their official Facebook account ❤️

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