Vilmark Viray dedicates his latest single 'LISAN' to his beloved father

Friday, April 28, 2023

Vilmark Viray is one of the latest singing gem that was discovered by GMA Network via The Clash Season 4. He was the first runner up and was dubbed as the Kulot Crooner of Pampanga that time. Then the rest started rolling, he officially became part of GMA Music and Sparkle GMA Artist Center in 2022.

Although a lot of milestone happened to Vilmark in 2022, sadly though, in December, the most heartbreaking experience happened to him, two days after Christmas, his father passed away due to aneurysm. It didn't sink in to him that he was gone until the day if the wake, there he felt the need to release his sadness through a song that he composed for his father. Composing this song was very hard for him, he cried buckets in the process and felt heartbroken over and over again.

This latest single "LISAN", is all about how thankful he is for having a father like him and at the same time broken for leaving their family so fast. Vilmark will be forever grateful for having supportive parents, they were there when he needed them the most especially when he was competing in The Clash. 

Vilmark during his mediacon for "Lisan"

He knows that whatever journey he will cross, his father will be there watching over him. Aside from being a very talented singer, Vilmark is an Electrical Engineer, another dream that his father wanted for him that he achieved. Moreover, Vilmark also shared that his father has given him a lot of encouraging words and support and he will be carrying it wherever he may go. 

Every acclaimed artist started somewhere, but the journey became even more meaningful once you treasure every failure, every heartbreak that comes your way. This will be the path that Vilmark will pursue and along the way, he will be forever grateful for the support his family, friends, GMA Network, GMA Music, Sparkle GMA Artist Center and the fans that are giving him.

LISAN is now available for streaming and download on all music platforms. For more updates, follow GMA Music on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

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