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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Back in the 90's, youth oriented or Barkada theme films are a big hit. The likes of Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, Michael V., Anjo Yllana and Andrew E. were some of the stars who casted in comedy films that features friendship and adventurous journey to manhood with a kick of comedy. Don't you just miss those films?

Fast-forward to 2023, we are introduced again to these type of films and AQ Prime Stream gives us a Horror-Comedy Film that features four new breed young actors determined to conquer the entertainment industry with their raw talent in acting, eager to learn and experience more. 

The story evolves around the friendship of four young men who were treated as "LOSERS" in their scholl because they lack experience with women. They will soon discover CASA ESMERALDA, where they will have their much anticipated sexual awakening but with a twist! They will soon realize that the CASA is haunted by women with dark secrets spear headed by ESMERALDA played by no less than versatile and multi-awarded actress ARA MINA. Yana Fuentes is also part of this film and will also play a role of an enchantress that will make Alex (JAYDEN BRAVO) heart melt. What adventure awaits these four young men? Will they still be a loser with women? Or a sucker for experience?

Check out some of the photos during the special screening of Losers - 1 Suckers - 0 
Lovin' the set up! Very Halloween themed! 👍

Highlights during Losers - 1 Suckers - 0 
Special Screening & PressCon

This film totally brings back memories of 90's film, I can still remember watching some of the films featuring Janno, Michael V., Anjo Yllana and more who are veterans when it comes to comedy and at the same time they can also blend it with horror or fantasy. The four young actors in Losers - 0 Suckers - 1 namely Jayden, Khiester, Bench and Charles are a natural that it seems they are actually not acting at all. According to Direk Niokz, they still had some workshop and at the same time they were also part of a online series Roomies where they all play just like the roles in this film. 

Considering the this film will only be played in an app, the effects were quite good plus they also experience a lot of hurdles just to finish this finish since they shot this during the pandemic and we all know how hard it is during those times. Yana Fuentes fits her roles perfectly and she wishes she can also do an action film soon. Ms. Ara Mina has done several horror films in the past and the most recent was also from AQ Prime Stream entitled "KATOK". She said that she enjoys playing different roles and this challenges her more to give her best since a lot of projects are coming her way. She plays Esmeralda perfectly and wishes more people will download AQ Prime so that they can also enjoy watching. Here's to wishing a sequel for this film since the end credits showed an interesting new character that will surely rattle the boys more. 

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Don't miss LOSERS - 1 SUCKERS - 0 Starring Ara Mina, Yana Fuentes , Marcus Madrigal, Bench Manalon, Jayden Lim , Khiester Bernardino, Jack Daniel Burgos, Charles Temones and Draven Gabriel Quiño. Directed by Niokz Arcega

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