AQ Prime features an erotic lesbian love affair in Upuan now streaming!

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

AQ Prime Stream is back with another must-watch film that features the LGBTQ community, a lesbian love affair that doesn't really get tackled much in the film/series here in the Philippines. It is directed by no less than Greg Colasito, the director of the much-talked about film Mang Kanor which is also under AQ Prime. 

UPUAN is a story of the couple Christian and Cristina played by Andrew Gan and Krista Miller and the nurse Nessie played Nikka Madrid. It's a love triangle that captures the lesbian love affair of Cristina and Nessie. You will know why it was titled "Upuan" and why it played a major part of the story once you finish watching the film. It is an erotic film, filled sexy and intimate scenes captured in a cinematic angles and at the same time, you will know what the struggles of what the lesbian community is all about. This is not just another "bold" film, there's a story behind it and people will know why AQ Prime delivers film like this which tackles the reality of life. 

The cast and director during MediaCon
Andrew Gan, Krista Miller and 
Direk Greg Colasito
Andrew Gan
Krista Miller

Watch the Media Conference of UPUAN

During the media conference, both Andrew and Krista said that they were very comfortable with each other which is why they didn't have any awkward moments when they filmed the intimate scenes of Upuan, they played a married couple. They were both thankful to Direk Greg for giving them the freedom to collaborate with him in different scene so that they can freely adjust with each other especially with the sexy scenes. This is also goes for Krista and Nikka since they did plenty of intimates scenes in the film as  lesbian lovers. According to Krista, she actually enjoyed doing the intimate scenes with Nikka and that she was very professional and they always talk about their scenes first and even asks the advice of Direk Greg on what is expected of them in those scenes. 

Krista also shared her past experience that she used to be boyish in real life, she was the only girl in the siblings and she even had a lesbian experience which lasted for a month during her younger years. She admitted that she is still attracted to beautiful women but at the same time she is more attracted to men. Krista added that she is grateful to AQ Prime for all the wonderful projects she is getting, she can play different roles and she also has a lot of projects in store this year. 

Andrew Gan has been getting a lot of exposure lately ever since he was casted in the recent KathNiel series. He has done several BL series and was glad that he can practice being a versatile actor in different projects. His dream role would be something as challenging as being a gay soldier, torn between his gender and his duty to serve the country. He also shared that his major crush is Maja Salvador and wishes that he can work with her someday. 
Nikka Madrid has starred in the latest AQ Prime hit Mang Kanor. She is indeed a versatile actress and can perform beyond expectations. 

AQ Prime Stream aims to produce more quality films and series in the coming years, in this way, they can also help the Entertainment Industry and the people behind it, some of which have lost their jobs during the pandemic. It has been their objective from the start to revive the industry, give more colorful and challenging projects to the actors and make way for a one-of-a-kind entertainment that the viewers deserves which they can watch any time or anywhere.

Upuan official trailer

UPUAN is now streaming on AQ Prime!


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