Spotted! A speedy white escalade who doesn't follow road rules & uses a goverment plate

Sunday, February 26, 2023

There's nothing really new with those mischievious road runners in the country who often neglect being a responsible driver. On the news, you can always find a car crash and other simingly related cases because of irresponsible driving and not following road rules. 

Just recently, on numerous occasions, a white Escalade was spotted cruising along the metro using a plate number 7. What angers the commuters and other drivers the most is that this car is seen speeding in the lane designated for buses only. This plate number in the Philippines is exclusively used by government officials particularly a senator or a congressman. This nameless/faceless individual uses this vehicle probably to avoid regulations while driving away, avoding traffic and perhaps can get to any destination without following the rules. 

The Escalade, even if you haven't yet achieved celebrity status, you can at least drive like one: simply buy this car. This legendary luxury is a favorite of moguls and fashionistas, boasting bold, strong styling that's impossible to miss. Although the Escalade takes its own distinctive look, discerning eyes will definitely spot this while on the road. One of the few who owns this prestigious car is Sen. Manny Pacquiao. 

According to a trusted source, this individual who drives the white Escalade have many enemies which points out why this person choice this kind of vehicle since it is bulletproof and plus the use of a special plate number. Adding more to this disgusting rumor is that this person is allegedly involved in environmental deforestation, has close ties with a politician and a questionable citizenship. 

There's no doubt about it, an outlaw, no matter what you wear, where you hide or what you do, even if you drive the most luxurious car, or how rich you are, will always be an outlaw. Let's keep an eye on this speedy outlaw and see if there's any update if things will change for the better.

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