JanB Entertainment NYC LLC launches their Digital Artists in First Community Mic Series

Friday, February 03, 2023

When passion and talent binds together, it produces a great work of art especially if you put your heart to it. It all started with a group of talented artists who uses the Star Maker app to showcase their singing prowess, now with the big help and push of Eytch Angeles, everything is moving forward in reaching their dream of becoming a full pledge singer and eventually, creating their own music and hopefully a concert someday.

JANB ENTERTAINMENT is hybrid (into digital, mainstream & on the ground media) company that offers original music in the genre of Soul, R&B, Pop, Rock, OPM and global music. These includes remake of iconic songs, given a new touch, dynamics and arrangement. All these tunes are to cater to a wide array of audience both local and international particularly in the US.

Giving life to these, compositions are our singers, yet undiscovered, who form our Digital Artists Community, and integrating these interpretations in their music journey, from music gatherings to professional gigs to mini-concerts up to music fests up to their recordings.

JANB ENTERTAINMENT is breaking new ground in music by helping undiscovered talents achieve the fame they deserve.  We put these chosen digital artists in a cluster, forming our music family and from here, built our Digital Artists Community.  We support and lead them in their music journey with periodic networking activities with the industry leaders & media, continuous voice and performance apt trainings and seriously produce their records, distribute, market and promote it actively locally and globally.

JanB Entertainment NYC, LLC held their first Community mic series featuring their first batch of digital artists last February 1 at Illusion Cafe & Pub. This first community mic series is a caravan, feel-good music gathering of their start-up company, intended to provide incubation, development and market opportunities among promising, excellent, millennial digital artists, this half of the year. 

Meet the talented artists of JanB Entertainment
Eytch is a singer and composer based in the U.S., and he is also the Managing Partner of JanB Entertainment. He has been in the Entertainment industry for 15 years now and welcomes new challenges that will come in his way as he pave his way to a new start in his music career. When it comes to music, he is versatile, he plays musical instruments as well. 

He recently launched his new single, a duet with fellow Jan B Entertainment artist Tif, entitled "Kalawakan" and is now doing very well on Spotify.

Tif said that her biggest dream came to life when finally, she is being launched as one of the artists of JanB Entertainment and also doing a duet with Eytch Angeles with an original composition that can be heard not only in the Philippines but across the globe. She has a wide genre of songs that she can sings and she can also rap. Her musical inspirations were Sarah Geronimo and Morrisette Amon. She would love to do a collab with them someday or even an open act on their concert if given the chance. 

Almyn is not your typical singer, she is also a police officer who vents out her long stressful and busy day at work on singing. Most of the cases she handles were rape and it was indeed a very challenging work to do but nevertheless, she manages to balance her time between work and now her singing career. According to her, she never realized that her dream will finally come to life, performing live with a bigger crowd, hopefully someday she wishes that she can also have a debut album and also a concert. Her family is very supportive of her endeavor and wishes her all the best. Her idol is no less than Regine Velasquez. 

Chelle can be very shy and soft-spoken but when she belts out her singing prowess, you will definitely be in awe. She hits the right notes and can sing with the perfect tone and emotions, she can win a singing contest with her all out performance just like her idol Regine Velasquez. According to her, she has joined some singing contest in the past and also won. She believes that this is the perfect time to make her dream come true with the help of JanB Entertainment. 

Boyong is a rockstar ready to conquer the music scene with his unique way of serenading his listeners. His idol is Stone Temple Pilots and if he describe his feelings towards his music, it could be Change the World by Eric Clapton. His vocal range is really nice as well, perfect for collaboration with Moira or any rock artist that we have now. His love for OPM is also what makes his drive for music running. 

Ashley is a singer and actress rolled into one. She can perform without limits including dancing. Her charming personality can make her achieve her dreams. She loves POP and OPM as well. She is open to do both acting and singing and wishes to widen her scope in the Entertainment Industry. According to Ashley, her Mom is very supportive of her even though she is a bit shy and lacks confidence but she is willing to take one step at a time. She wishes to be known in her own unique way which is why she doesn't want to box herself with following the footsteps of her idols in singing. 

Watch the Media Conference of JanB Entertainment plus some of their performances and a special messge from Mr. Rolly Pagaspas, Managing partner of JanB Entertainment. 

For more updates, visit their official Facebook page:

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