BL Movie 'Baka Sakali' stars Drei Arias and Leandre Adams now streaming on AQ Prime

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

AQ Prime recently released their very first BL Film and it is now streaming exclusively on AQ Prime app. 

This one of a kind love story is a Valentine offering of AQ Prime to everyone because love doesn't have boundaries and it should make everyone happy and free. It stars Drei Arias, Leandré Adams, Seon Quintos, April 'Congrats' Gustilo, and directed by Bong Ramos.

Viewers can expect not just a typical love story but also intimate scenes from the lead stars Drei and Leandre not to mention April who also confidently bared her sexy body in the film. This, you shouldn't miss! 🔥

Meet the cast:
Drei Arias
Leandrè Adams
April "Congratulations" Gustilo
Sean Quintos

Watch the Media Conference of Baka Sakali

Drei and Leandrè shared that they didn't have any issues filming this movie even the intimate scenes because they're good friends to begin with which is why they are not awkward even to the point of baring their bodies infront of one another. Drei recommended Leandrè to Direk Bong and when they finally meet for the story con, everything fall in the right place. 

The roles fit perfectly for them and as Direk Bong said, they executed every scene well, as if they're not new in the industry. Their chemistry works well too. It's also common that people were curious if those who portray roles in BL Series are also gay or part of the LGBT community, Drei and Leandrè were straight to the point when they answered, Drei is gender fluid meaning he can freely fall in love with anyone because he doesn't base his affection on gender while Leandrè said that he is bi-sexual. Both are currently single right now but are happy and focussed in their blossoming career. They were also asked if they've experience any gay suitors or benefactors, Drei answered that he had some messages and suitors but he didn't gave in because he doesn't fall to those things and wants to fall in love with the right person. 

Drei and Leandrè also shared that they don't really mind if they will be typecast to gay roles or people will stereotype them, they also want to educate everyone to be open minded and accept that love shouldn't be box into gender only. Drei wishes to work with Sanya Lopez someday while Leandrè wants to work with veteran actors like Ms. Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor. 

April "Congratulations" might be familiar with you because you can watch her everyday when she was part of Kuya Will's Wowowin. April became popular in Wowowin’ when she greeted the winners of the variety show by shouting “congratulations!”. She was only 18 years old then and she is very grateful to Kuya Will or Willie Revillame for giving her a job so that she can also provide for her family. Now, her comeback to the showbiz industry is something we should congratulate her for her confidence and will to star in an enticing and daring movie.

Sean Quintos is not new in doing daring scenes since he also became part of AQ Prime's trending film "Mang Kanor". This time, he is portraying a gay role and is quite challenging for him as well. 

Baka Sakali Trailer

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