Ace Banzuelo drops catchy, upbeat banger 'Tadhana'

Saturday, February 18, 2023

After topping the charts last year with his hit single “Muli,” Filipino singer-songwriter/producer Ace Banzuelo continues his winning streak with the release of his 2023 single “Tadhana”—out on Friday, February 17 via Sony Music Entertainment. 

The prolific solo act returns with a catchy, upbeat track that keeps listeners basking in summer’s eternal glow. Providing R&B-inspired vocals atop new wave beats and disco elements, Banzuelo tips its hat to the pure joy of bringing the past and the future together with another pulsating bop.

“This feels dreamy yet groovy at the same time,” describes the talented multihyphenate. “All of these things contribute to my vision and how I just really want to be myself. I'm definitely back making music that makes people move."

According to Banzuelo, “Tadhana” deals with romantic connection and destiny, and explores losing one’s inhibitions for something that might be fulfilling in the long run.

“Tadhana is about this magical encounter you have with someone and how you're instantly drawn to that person,” the young hitmaker shares. “The connection is so intense it kind of scares one of you but you're here telling that person that hey it's okay maybe what's on your mind is also what's on mine.”

Ace Banzuelo considers “Tadhana” as a happy accident that eventually evolved into a song that moved him, not just physically, but on a more resonant level. In a way, he wanted a familiar tune that he can play anywhere—be it live or just a recording, and would make people get all wrapped up with its undeniable groove.
“I went all out with my vocal performance for this track and produced it in a very, very precise manner. The subtlety of all the elements beneath the vocals, the crunchy guitars, dreamy synthesizers, drums, and my voice, contribute to the overall groove of this track. In fact, most of these elements were recorded and finalized in one take. Everything just came together as if it were all meant to happen.”

Ace Banzuelo’s “Tadhana” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. 

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