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Friday, January 27, 2023

If you're familiar with the viral scandal that happened years ago when a video surfaced featuring a Filipino man aged about 50 years old and a lady who were having an intercourse in different places, unfortunately the video went viral when it was uploaded online, it wasn't identified if he was the one who uploaded it or his phone or camera went missing. Just the case, the name "Mang Kanor" was coined for older men who dates or became intimate with any younger women. 

This 2023, AQ Prime Stream features this familiar story starring legendary actor, no less than REZ CORTEZ who has been making remarkable films through the years. Many know him because he is indeed a versatile actor, he has done several roles where he plays kontrabida but he definitely makes it a point that everyone will remember the role he is portraying. Just like his latest film MANG KANOR. 

Meet the cast of Mang Kanor present during the media screening/conference:
Rez Cortez
Nika Madrid
Joni Mcnab
Seon Quintos
Emelyn Cruz
Rob Sy

According to Rez, he was used to films like this because since the 70s 80s, bomba films were already being introduced then it became sexy films and now that streaming apps are in demand, viewers can now watch it on their own mobile phones via AQ Prime Stream. He admitted that, “Sabi ko nga, kahit na kako nakakadiri ang eksena dahil nakabuyangyang yung malaking tiyan ni Mang Kanor, e, talaga namang dapat nakakadiri si Mang Kanor. “Kaya tama yung mga dialogue dun. Para bang… papatulan nila si Mang Kanor pero dahil sa monetary reasons kaya nagkaroon ng mga ganoong sitwasyon.”

Mang Kanor in this film is a retired policeman who has never dated anyone in her life because he was "ugly", until he became rich because of a certain circumstance that made him a businessman and he met Sabrina played by Nika Madrid. They have a lot of intimate scenes here and Rez even mentioned that Rob Sy was the one who choreographed most of their intimate scenes. Emelyn Cruz and Seon Quintos also did a lot of scenes here that your wild imagination can't sustain even Rob Sy. This is definitely a kick start film of AQ Prime that you shouldn't miss. Directed by Greg Colasito. Premieres January 28! 

MOVIE REVIEW: Emelyn Cruz mentioned during the media conference that she got aroused while shooting some of her intimate scenes with Seon Quintos, she even used the word "wet" and Seon also said that they've done several positions in this film that they've already become comfortable with each other. Mang Kanor is a movie that I didn't expect it to be, truly, without a doubt, Rez Cortez is a remarkable actor because he always gives his 100% in every project that he gets. The camera loves the beautiful face of Nika Madrid because of her tight shots, she delivered what was expected of her in the film, same way goes to Rob Sy, there's never a dull scene with him. All in all, Mang Kanor is a "pasabog" film to welcome 2023. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Watch the Media Conference:
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