Pinoy Ghost Tales Trilogy: Horror Film coming soon!

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Some stories are not meant to be told.

Pinoy Ghost Tales is a trilogy horror film featuring spine-chilling stories. Written by Lawrence Nicodemus, and directed by Afi Africa, Jojo Nadela, and John Isaac Natividad. The film is produced by LGM Grand Entertainment and LMK Productions.

Meet the cast:

Some of the cast during the MediaCon

Direk Jojo Nadela
Jeric Raval for The Actress
Elia Ilano for The Imaginary Friend
Veronica Reyes for The Manager

The Imaginary Friend is about a kid who forms a bond with an unknown entity. Little by little, her whole family starts feeling the presence of her imaginary friend that disturbs their harmony. 

Starring Shermaine Santiago, Arkin Del Rosario, Elia Ilano, and Richard Quan.

The Manager tells the story of a newly-promoted manager of an advertising company. As she assumes her new role, it seems that the previous manager, who mysteriously disappeared, won't give up the position. 

Starring Aubrey Caraan, Katrice Keirulf, Veronica Reyes, and Ping Medina.

The Actress tackles the tale of a newbie prod house that is shooting for a horror movie. However, they experience a real life terror when a ghost haunts them in the middle of their production. 

Starring Jeric Raval, Rob Sy, DJ Durano, and AJ Raval.

Watch the Media Conference

The cast shared some details about the film and how excited they are that finally, their work will be shown to the public. Some of the scenes in this movie were shoot before the pandemic and were just complete this year. It was hard for them to shoot these scene because of the health protocols but thankfully, they finished without any hassle.

Jeric Raval, who is part of the last trilogy 'The Actress' shared what it was like working with his daughter Aj Raval for the first time and he was impressed that she can do drama and horror too, he wishes that they can work again soon in a much bigger project hopefully an action film. Jeric added that he is not really afraid of ghosts or any paranormal scenarios, his only fear is heights. 

Budding teen actress Elia Ilano, who has been part of many projects under Viva also shared that she enjoys working on this horror film because she loves this genre too. Just like her, Veronica Reyes, who is a versatile actress and has done several projects as well shared that she is grateful to be part of this film and wishes more people can watch it too. 

There are many plans for this film, it will either be shown via a digital platform or cinemas. Don't miss Pinoy Ghost Tales, a thrilling trilogy coming soon! 

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