Papa Obet of Barangay LS 97.1 Releases New Christmas Single 'Regalo' under GMA Music

Saturday, November 05, 2022

It's not very unusual that Disc Jockeys are also into song writing and singing. Most of them are in fact very inclined to music and they're not just doing their respective jobs on air. 

Just like Papa Obet of Barangay LS 97.1, he has been a DJ for quite some time now but not many people know that the ambition written in his high school yearbook was “to be a successful recording artist.” 

His first Christmas song, composed by himself too was entitled, "Ang Una Kong Pasko". Fast forward today, he releases his second Christmas song which is very timely since most people nowadays are missing their loved ones who are OFWs or just not there with them during this holiday season. It is entitled, "REGALO".

During the media conference of Papa Obet via Zoom, he shared that this song was dedicated to his daughter, that he wishes they can spend more time together. He also narrated that he first composed the chorus of the song then the medley and so on. He enjoys composing songs and when he is not busy, he just writes down, most are based from his personal experiences and some were from the people around him. He added that he knows Christmas is a season very meaningful to everyone especially to Filipinos, and the very thing that can represent this holiday is a gift that we share to our loved ones which is why REGALO was born. He also added that he recorded the draft of this song at a comfort room because it's the only place where it's quiet. 

Papa Obet also shared that as an artist, he too should also try to innovate himself and go with the flow since most of the people now are active on social media. He will also be promoting his song on social media particularly on TikTok since it's a hit platform now. 

Here's a snippet of his song "Regalo"

According to him, he is just a very simple person and the best gift that he can give himself is a toy because he is a toy collector. He has action figures etc. and when he has time and extra money, he would divulge himself and buy a toy. Papa Obet also shared that the best gift that he can give to his loved ones is his dream for them, a house and lot for his family. He already bought a lot and in the future, he will be building his dream home here. 

People tend to be very emotional when holiday season kicks in, true enough most songs tend to hit the spot especially if we are missing someone come Christmas time. Regalo is simply one of those songs that will surely represent this longing that we have for those whom we want to spend these special occasion with. 

Don't miss this newest offering of Papa Obet "Regalo" under GMA Music! 

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