NLEX Drive and Dine scores for Mother Earth with Shoot That Bottle launch

Monday, November 28, 2022

The Philippines ranks as the world’s third largest polluter, with millions of metric tons of plastic waste generated each year. Although it has a high garbage collection rate, the lack of proper disposal facilities and sanitary landfills causes the trash to leak into the ocean, making it very harmful for the environment.

NLEX Drive and Dine, the top Motorists Toll Service Facility along NLEX Southbound seeks to address the increasing need for proper disposal facilities and sanitary landfills to prevent trash from leaking into the ocean, which can be extremely detrimental to the environment.

From its practice of collecting 80 kilos of empty plastic bottles per month, Drive and Dine launched “Shoot That Bottle”, a sustainable innovative solution which promotes the reduction of plastic waste and recycling of single-use plastic bottles. A colorful installation of hoops encourages people in the area to throw their empty bottles in a fun and mindful way—by shooting them into the trash bins.


“Plastic waste mismanagement is one of the country’s ongoing problems which needs to be addressed on a regular basis. Every small action can contribute to a greater impact that is why MPT Mobility supports NLEX Drive and Dine in their initiative. Shoot That Bottle will help remind people of the importance of recycling and being kinder to the environment,” said Rodrigo E. Franco, MPT Mobility President and General Manager.

NLEX Drive and Dine officially introduced this initiative to the public on October 28, 2022 to solidify its commitment to a more sustainable future. The event display boasted of a commitment wall where the MPT Mobility members and stakeholders from Valenzuela City Hall signed and declared their support for the project’s overall vision.

The setup came with the fruition of Drive and Dine’s partnership with Boysen Knoxout, the first air purifying paint in the world with CristalACTiVTM photocatalytic technology which uses light energy to break down noxious air pollutants and convert them into harmless substances. Boysen Knoxout brought color and life to the hoop installation, pavement, and wall murals.

NLEX Road Warriors joined the call for a greener and more environment friendly NLEX Drive and Dine. Asi Taulava, Earl Clark, Matt Nieto, Anthony Semerad was present at the “Shoot That Bottle” launch and were invited to participate in the Shoot that Bottle game, competing against one another in shooting the most bottles.

Adopting a sustainable method in plastic waste disposal also promotes circularity in the environment. With this, the recycling proceeds of the “Shoot That Bottle” will be used to purchase basketball boards which will be donated to selected communities for recreational and recycling awareness purposes.


Several Local Government Unit (LGU) representatives and partners joined the launch of the “Shoot that Bottle” initiative, solidifying their support to NLEX Drive and Dine by signing on the commitment wall. Among the attendees were Hon. Eric Martinez, District Representative of Valenzuela City; Councilor Niña Lopez, City Government of Valenzuela; Benjie Gamaro, Chief of Staff of Mayor Wes Gatchalian; Lot Marcelino, Chief of Staff of Vice Mayor Lorie Natividad-Borja; Rainier Paywan, Boysen; Atty. Cynthia Maria Casino, MPTC Chief Corporate Governance and Risk Officer.

Offering a diverse mix of retail, outlet, and leisurely establishments, NLEX Drive and Dine has become a go-to destination for comfort and convenience for the motoring public and the adjacent expressway communities. It has an average daily foot traffic count of over 23,000, as well as an average daily vehicle count of over 7,000 on regular days and over 10,000 during peak seasons.


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