John Rendez will star in an upcoming action/drama film with Superstar and National Artist Nora Aunor

Sunday, November 20, 2022

John Rendez became known and famous as a rapper, singer and composer but now he will be seen in a challenging role and will star in a movie under NA Entertainment's initial venture with the tentative title "Gun For Hire".

"It's a big challenge for me to play the lead role as Josh ," said John. 

The singer/actor admitted that it was not easy for him to play the role.  

There are some scenes you have to build your emotion towards your co-actors. At first, it was quite difficult, I don't do drama things in the past, you know. But now, I have to concentrate to my character as Josh, I have to give different emotions in every scenes," he added.

The film stars veteran actors Bembol Roco, Dexter Doria, Irma Adlawan, Beverly Salviejo and Ian De Leon. John was grateful because he was able to be part of this film. 

"I am very grateful to them because they give me pointers on how to react in every dramatic scene."

John was able to easily adjust to his co-actors which is why Director Eric Joven had no difficulty in shooting the scenes. Bembol, Dexter, Irma, Beverly and Ian gave him all out support. They feel that John as an actor gave his best because he can keep up with the dramatic scenes.

“ As an actor, we have to grow and learned from them the right motivation in every role you portray. For me, it's a memorable experience working with the great actors and I am very thankful," he said.

The film is an action/drama with a unique twist. The film has many highlights and action scenes. The cast also includes Kenneth de Leon, Andre Soriano and Loy Oladive directed by Eric Joven. Superstar and National Artist Nora Aunor also has a special participation in the movie.

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