Winwyn Marquez wins Best Actress for the film Nelia at International Film Festival Manhattan 2022

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Winwyn Marquez couldn't hide her happiness as she was welcomed by the media at the AQ Prime office. She recently won her very first acting award, and it was an International Best Actress Award. 

Winwyn won Best Actress for the feature film Nelia at the International Film Festival Manhattan 2022. She haven't received the award since it will be delivered here in Manila but the moment she heard the news, she felt elated, blessed, overwhelmed and grateful all at the same time. She narrated that she was at home that time when her handler from AQ Prime called her, it was her baby daughter Luna's nap time around 2 in the afternoon which is why she suppressed her feelings because she doesn't want to wake the baby.  

She added that when this movie, Nelia was offered to her, she was doubtful that she was the "bida", saying "sigurado po kayo? Ako po si Nelia?, she was so used to playing Kontrabida roles and at that time, she just finished a teleserye at Kapuso Network as a Kontrabida. Filming the said movie was another story since it was shoot during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, they were extremely cautious and time is really gold. Winwyn shared that every moment counts which is why she made it sure that she will deliver what is expected of her  especially knowing that she was working with top caliber actors like Raymond Bagatsing and Mon Confiado. "Super fan po ako nila at napaka memorable ng experience ko working with them." 
In the suspense thriller movie Nela, WinWyn played the titular role of Nelia, a nurse who gets to experience strange and eerie things in the hospital where she work. Out of curiosity, Nelia tries to uncover the mystery behind a series of what seemingly just ordinary deaths in their workplace, and there unfolds something that she will never forget. 

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Winwyn's family are equally happy for her recent win, her Mom Alma and Dad Joey Marquez are both known for being versatile actors in their time and she wishes she can be just like them till she gets old, giving the best of her abilities to her craft. Her baby Luna just got baptized and she is enjoying her moments as a first time Mom. She added that as much as possible she wanted to be a hands on Mother and she can't accept projects that require lock-in taping for now since she wants to be there for her baby always. 

She has an upcoming film "Ligalig" with no less than National Artist for Film Ms. Nora Aunor, together with Snooky Serna,  Allen Dizon, Devin Seron, Yana Fuentes and more. This is also under AQ Prime. Winwyn said that it was an honor working with Ms. Nora Aunor, even being slapped by her was an experience she will forever cherish. Now that Nelia gained an international recognition, it might be possible for a prequel or sequel of the film and she is game with it. 

Winwyn surely has a lot of blessings coming her way, after winning a beauty title as Reina Hispaniamericana 2017 and now Best Actress, she wishes that she can have more challenging roles in the future. Her dream role is to be part of an action packed film and she is very much willing to do action scenes as well. 

Congrats Winwyn! You surely deserve the Best Actress award! 

Direk Lester Dimaranan also praised Winwyn for giver her best as Nelia. He said that she deserved it and the role was meant for her. At first, he narrated that Winwyn was a bit conscious and nervous working with her co-actors because she knew they were veteran in the industry, but later, as she was very professional, she created her character as if she was really that person. She has her own inputs and would always ask him if what she did was good enough but she gave more than enough for her role. 

Direk wishes that there would be a sequel or prequel for this film Nelia since they can tackle more and feature Winwyn in an action packed film. For now, they're all elated that Nelia is gaining more attention and everyone can watch the film through AQ Prime Stream.

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NELIA is now available on AQ Prime. 

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