Confidential Assignment 2 showing in PH cinemas on October 12

Monday, October 10, 2022

The unexpected and unforgettable tandem of Hyun Bin (Crash Landing on You, The Swindlers) as North Korean detective Lim Cheol-ryung and Yoo Hai Jin (Lucky Key, A Taxi Driver) as South Korean detective Kang Jin-tae returns for another “Confidential Assignment”.  And this time, they are going international!

“Confidential Assignment 2:  International”, according to director Lee Seok Hoon (The Himalayas, The Pirates), had been created with a tremendous amount of hard work “to show that (this) sequel is a step forward in every way.”  The characters are funnier, the story is twice more thrilling, and the action is definitely on a bigger scale.

Jack, who takes pride in his intelligence and bulletproof work ethics, has been on the trail of Jang for a very long time.  Now, he is close to catching him.  With the addition of this third character, the investigation turns international, and a new trio is born! 

While the three men forge a “bromance” despite their conflicting ideas and intentions, Kang Jin-tae’s sister-in-law, Park Min-young, played by Lim Yoon (Girls’ Generation, Exit) is still hoping to get romantic with Cheol-ryung.  She insists on helping with the investigation by pretending that she and Cheol-ryung are a couple.  Unlike in the first film, Park Min-young now uses her unique set of skills to help with the joint detail in an unexpected way.

As the man who forces the FBI, North Korea and South Korea to work together just so he’ll be captured and put to justice, Jang Myung-jun proves to be a formidable villain.  With Jin Sun Kyu playing the role, expect striking visuals and high-octane action sequences. 

“Confidential Assignment 2:  International” is filled with hilarious moments, plus new and improved stunts, making this a must-see action-comedy flick. 

Catch it in theaters on October 12, 2022.  From Viva International Pictures and MVP Entertainment. 

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