Yana Fuentes and Aljur Abrenica stars in a thriller film PULA ANG KULAY NG GABI only on AQ Prime!

Friday, September 09, 2022

What happens when greed, hunger for power, money and lust takes over? Evil triumphs and this can lead to series of troubles.

In the latest film of AQ Prime, Direk Jojo Nadela tackles the story of how reality bites as the characters struggles to overcome poverty in the form of stealing plus the longing of being with someone in a long distance relationship. 

This film actually is actually based on a true story. The main lead Aljur Abrenica is part of the Acetylene Gang. In this underground world thrives a criminal operation as complex as the sewer system itself. It takes thieves skilled in tunneling techniques weeks of burrowing in the dark to reach vaults containing millions of pesos. The gang of Aljur, Elijah Filomar, Zia Zamora and top-notch veteran actor Soliman Cruz portrayed this roles.

The vault had a clean hole created with an acetylene torch used by thieves who became two million pesos richer. Usually, the authorities will saw a narrow hole in the floor after the said burglary. The hole led to a tight recently made tunnel that led to a sewer a few meters away. This is the relatively risk-free modus operandi of several syndicates the police call the ‘Acetylene Gang’, or the ‘Daga-Daga Gang’ or the ‘Tunnel Rats.’ 

In the film, they rented a house in front of their target pawn shop which was owned by Mira, played by new actress of AQ Prime Yana Fuentes. 

Yana said during the Press Conference that she feels very blessed and thankful to AQ Prime for giving her this chance to achieved her dream of becoming an actress. She was based in Japan but she tried her luck here in the Philippines, so far she has been very busy with a line up of projects in AQ Prime although she said that she is not keen on revealing skin and would only showcase her talent.

Zia Zamora on the other hand captured the attention of the viewers for her quirky role and sexy scenes with Aljur Abrenica. Both Yana and Zia said that at first they felt shy working with him because they thought he is "suplado" but it was quite the opposite. He was friendly and supportive to all the cast and a gentleman as well when it comes to the love scenes. 

Atty. Aldwin Alegre, President, and CEO of AQ Prime also took part in the film and had a cameo appearance as well so you might want to check it out. He said that this is just the start of what they have to offer from AQ Prime, more quality films plus they will also be engaging in the music scene in the future! 

M O V I E    R E V I E W
This movie truly hits home when it comes to narrating the current situation of every Filipino in the country. Because of the struggles in life, some resort to crimes just to earn money and support their family. I love how Direk Jojo created the film without delving too much on sexy scenes. It was more on the poignant story evolving Aljur, Yana and Zia plus some of the supporting cast. Yana Fuentes and Aljur Abrenica has that chemistry on screen that made me wish they have more scenes together. Both Yana and Zia acted well despite being new in the industry and I love how Yana looks really beautiful on screen, and just like what Direk Jojo said, Zia has very expressive eyes which is perfect for steamy scenes. When it comes to acting, Ajur has definitely come a long way and is still a versatile actor of his generation, his scenes with Zia are quite a roller coaster ride - from angry moments (murahan scenes) to steamy scenes then funny scenes as well. All in all I recommend for you to watch this film on AQ Prime because it's worth your time. You have to finish the film in order to understand why the title is like that. 🎬

Check out the Press Conference of Pula ang Kulay ng Gabi with the cast

Some photos at the Film Preview 
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