World Boxing Champ Floyd 'Money' Mayweather endorses AQ Prime Stream

Friday, September 30, 2022

World Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather with Atty. Aldwin Aguirre, Atty. Honey Quiño, Creative Business Partner RS Francisco and Korean Business partners. 🥊

Mayweather faced the media all-smiles and excited to share details regarding his partnership with AQ Prime. Fresh from a second-round KO win to MMA fighter Mikuru Asakura in an exhibition match in Japan last weekend, he is scheduled to have a short vacation at Boracay today. He said that Philippines is indeed a country filled with nice people and beautiful islands. 

Floyd Mayweather was formally introduced as the newest Brand Ambassador of AQ Prime which was launched last August. RS Francisco shared that meeting Floyd was a whole new level of experience for him because people stereotyped him as someone who looks "arrogant", "bad boy", and more but it was quite the opposite. He loves Inasal chicken and also enjoys shopping on the side and played Black Jack. He is very keen on helping people, he loves traveling and enjoying the best of what life can offer. What made Floyd accept the offer of becoming part of AQ Prime family is that he learned the backstory of how AQ Prime wanted to give back to the Entertainment industry during the pandemic when almost everyone lost their jobs and the economy is struggling. 

Watch the highlights of Floyd Mayweather Media Conference

There will also be a possibility of a docuseries featuring Mayweather's life from the early years to the present and maybe some snippets about his love life which according to him, as much as possible he would love to keep it private. This is set for release in 2023 and will also be available on AQ Prime since the platform will also feature Sports, Events and Docus. 

When asked if he is willing to work with Senator Manny Pacquiao, he said he needs to know what kind of project it is first before saying YES. But if it's all about doing charity work and inspiring people about sports and boxing, it will surely be something he would look forward to because giving back to the people is his soul purpose. There has been numerous offers for him to star in movies or even do a recording of a song but he would always decline because he feels it was not meant for him. 

Floyd is very grateful for AQ Prime and to all the Filipinos for accepting him with open arms. The hospitality is undeniable and he can't wait to visit again if there will be a chance. He will have an exhibition match this October at Dubai and AQ Prime will be there to support him all the way. He also encourages everyone to download AQ Prime and enjoy unlimited quality entertainment at your fingertips. 

For more details about AQ Prime Stream, visit their social media accounts Facebook and Instagram. Available for download via Google Playstore and iOS. 

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