One Meralco Foundation aims to bring light to more Filipinos #LightUpPilipinas

Thursday, September 08, 2022

We all know how important Electricity is in our daily lives. It has helped us in so many ways that there are times we often forget how vital it is not until there's brownout and we have no other choice but to go primitive again and find ways to sustain what we can do if there's no electricity. 

Electricity remains as the most common source of energy used by households in the Philippines. Not to mention recreation areas in the metro and across the country now that we're all moving forward after the pandemic hit the country.

But how about those rural areas that up until now, they don't have any access to electricity?

One Meralco Foundation goes the extra mile to provide sustainable source of energy to schools in remote villages and hard-to-reach island communities. 

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from the President himself Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao

For the past years, they have been going to the farthest town in the north and also in the south and eastern islands.

According to Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao, President of One Meralco Foundation, the challenge and struggle is there, to come up with different solutions to bring electricity in these remote areas specifically the schools so that each student can benefit from it and help them dream for a brighter future. With their community deprived of advantages of electricity, computers are practically non-existent in their school. For several years, pupils have been bearing the conditions that make their classrooms non-conducive to learning like poor lighting and poor ventilation. The absence of power is one of the main problems that has been plaguing the school’s more than 100 pupils and six teachers. Due to the school’s location (and because the area on which it stands is a protected zone), connecting it to the power grid could be very challenging.

Without electricity, Teachers, are left without a choice but to stick to old ways of teaching — using chalkboards and manila papers for visual aids — and could not make use of multimedia equipment in their classroom instructions because there is nothing to power them.If these school children are the hope of the future, aren’t today’s generation supposed to equip them with the tools they need to become the leaders and achievers of tomorrow?

Good thing, One Meralco Foundation has been really busy going to different remote areas and distributing solar lights as well to indigenous communities. They plan to light up more areas as this is their campaign, "Light Up Pilipinas". 

Their goal is to bring light to more Filipinos, one community, one family at a time. #LightUpPilipinas

Aside from this, we also got the chance to meet Mr. Joe Zaldarriaga, Spokesperson and VP head of Corporate Communications of Meralco. He shared that power rates are significantly much lower now compared to the other months plus, when it comes to disaster awareness, their response team is much faster now in restoring electricity especially when there are typhoons. 

Nowadays, Meralco has been more reachable and people can reach out to them not only to their branches or hotlines but also on social media. They know how important social media is and most people are online now which is why they can easily be reached if they have concerns about their electric bill, consumptions and more. 

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