NCRPO implements Oplan Sita and Ligtas Balik Eskwela to further assist the community

Monday, September 19, 2022

For quite some time, there's been a debate whether the public should still trust the police officers in our country. While there's negativity on law enforcement simply because of bad news circulating about some police men, remember that we shouldn't generalize them all and sometimes good police men and their involvement in the community doesn't really became a highlight by the media. 

Police are a group of officers who represent the civil authority of government and are responsible for maintaining order and peace in society. Police enforce the law and prevent and investigate criminal activities. They are a major part of society. Police are entrusted with the duty to maintain a peaceful environment. They have the right to arrest and control people if the situation calls for it.
Police are the saviors of society. Because of them, the community feels safe and does not have to worry about their lives and property.
Communities rely on the police for protection, and in turn, police rely on the police for support. 
In an interview with NCRPO Spokesperson Pol Lt Col Dexter Versola, he shared many key points regarding how the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) has been wide-eye and always on guard to the community. Coming from the directive of 
NCRPO Director P/BGen. Jonnel Estomo, it's more timely that they implement “Oplan Sita” on foreigners in checkpoints around Metro Manila, given the spike in crimes involving non-citizens. The proposed policy would allow police officers to inspect and verify the IDs of random foreign people. They will not tolerate any criminal offense not just from foreign entities but also from local residents. He added that NCRPO has been closely monitoring all reports regarding kidnapping news whether it may be a verified one or just fake news that can cause alarm to the public.

Since it's back to school again, the NCRPO is implementing the "Ligtas Balik Eskwela" to secure and protect thes Students from criminal elements.

A number of police officers were deployed and posted strategically in school vicinities and other crime prone areas in Metro Manila.

In anticipation of criminal elements who may want to take advantage of innocent students during the opening of classes and beyond, RD Estomo have ordered all District Directors to implement the safety and security plans for the students, teachers and parents. The police visibility and Police Assistance Desks (PADs) must be in place. The deployment of police personnel in assigned areas must be strictly executed. Road safety marshals, checkpoint operations and mobile/foot patrol must be strictly implemented.

They are also implementing an NCR-wide enforcement of traffic laws versus overloaded tricycles, motorcycles, jeepneys and other school service vehicle in line with their 'Oplan Disiplina' for the protection of the school children plus we can not deny the fact that there might still be a chance that Covid-19 can hit anyone so safety protocols should still be followed. 

Meanwhile, NCRPO have ensured closed coordination with the other volunteer groups, Local Government Units, DepEd and various force multipliers to further assist in providing security, traffic assistance and other related public safety services.

Moreover, NCRPO has been doing several charity works for the past years, they have been donating school supplies and more to different rural and urban schools. 

NCRPO is also keen in monitoring cyber crimes and have continuously charged those who are after cyber sex trafficking, child pornography and other malicious practices covered by cyber law. 
Now, more than ever, our trust with the NCRPO and the law should not waver and let's encourage everyone to help fight crime in our neighborhood. Let's immediately report any suspicious person or activities to the nearest police station and police assistance desk. Even if the involved party is a police officer.  You may reach NCRPO over their Official Facebook page for more details.

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