Meet the newest SILKA LADY SUE RAMIREZ who saw the SIGN in achieving her beauty goals!

Friday, September 30, 2022

This is it — #AngSignNaHanapMo to achieve your beauty goals 

Whether its for the long-awaited promotion at work, or for the right moment to take action, or when to go on a self-care break, Filipinas are constantly looking out for signs. 

Homegrown beauty power brand Silka showed women everywhere the sign that their beauty goals are well within reach, at their first live event in three years the recently-held launch of Silka's #AngSignNaHanapMo campaign. 

The event highlighted the importance of recognizing green flags in finding the right beauty partner in the journey to look our best. 

Does your beauty partner make you feel confident with alaga? Will your beauty partner cause you unnecessary hapdi? What is the track record of your beauty partner in delivering good and fast results? 

Known for affordable high-quality skincare products with its signature alaga, Silka continues to help more Filipinas achieve fairer and brighter skin with Silka Green Papaya Soap with VitaRich Actives. 

Green papaya enzymes gently exfoliate dead cells that make skin look dull, while the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E strengthen the skin's protective barrier and improve overall skin condition. Also enriched with D-Panthenol that nourishes the skin, the re-formulated Silka Green Papaya Soap reveals fairer, brighter, and softer skin in just 7 days — without dryness or stings caused by other harsh products. 

"Since it was introduced in 2002, Silka Green Papaya Soap has been gaining acceptance in the market, and it has grown by 200% since 2016," shared Jane Co, Vice President for Marketing of Cosmetique Asia Corp, the company behind Silka. "This is a sign of good things to come for the brand, as we continue working towards our vision to provide Filipinas with quality products that make them look and feel their best." 

During the event, Silka's newest endorser Sue Ramirez was also presented to guests. A talented actress and singer, Sue is well-recognized for her appeal and signature spunk. 

Watch the Grand Launch of Sue Ramirez as
the new Silka Lady 

In her interview, Sue revealed that she tries her best to go on "self-care breaks" when she sees signs like dullness or dryness on her skin. After being catapulted to superstardom by her breakout role in the hit series, "The Broken Marriage Vow," her schedule has become incredibly hectic — so she relies on Silka Green Papaya Soap to take care of her skin, to keep it bright and radiant despite back-to-back commitments. She further added that all women deserve alagang Silka for their skin. 

"All signs point to Sue becoming an even bigger star than she is now," Apple de Belen, Silka's Senior Brand Manager said. "Beauty and talent aside, what makes her stand out is that she knows how to take good care of herself." 

Watch the new Silka TVC featuring 
Sue Ramirez

Sue shared that she's very happy to be part of the Silka Family, a sentiment echoed by Janssen Co, Chief Operating Officer of Cosmetique Asia Corp. 

"We hope you all welcome Sue to the Silka Family as we did," he quipped. He also thanked Silka's loyal users, for the "privilege na magbigay-alaga so inyo." 

Ito na #AngSignNaHanapMo —try Silka Green Papaya Soap today and achieve your beauty goals in just 7 days. 

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