Julia Barretto and Carlo Aquino heats up in the romance film EXPENSIVE CANDY

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

 "Ang mahal mo naman mahalin..." - Toto

This is one of the iconic lines in the upcoming film, EXPENSIVE CANDY. Another film that not only tackles the struggles of keeping the love alive in between hardships of life but also delves in the social issues of sex trafficking in the Philippines, which has been the oldest "job" in the metro. It may be illegal in the face of the law but if we dig closer into the loves of those who engage in this kind of business, it seems they all have same outlook in life, just like what Julia Barretto's role in this movie said, "Ito lang ang kayang kong gawin..". 

In the movie Expensive Candy, Julia Barretto sizzles as the lead character who plays the role of Candy, it's been two years since we saw her in the big screen via the 2020 zombie thriller Block Z. 

And now, Julia Barretto makes an exciting return as she takes on one of her most challenging roles to date opposite Carlo Aquino, who plays her leading man for the very first time in this romance film.

Renato 'Toto' Camaya (Carlo Aquino) is a high school teacher who falls in love at first sight with Candy after a night of paying to be with her.

Something about Candy leaves a mark in Toto's heart that he can't forget about. In trying to win her love, Toto spends time with Candy as much as possible, even if he has to pay for her time. He works double time just to make money and get to spend more time with her but in the end, he keeps spending and leaving him with tactics that he shouldn't be doing. 

Directed and written by JP Laxamana of Isang Daang Tula Para Kay Stella and The Day After Valentine’s fame, Expensive Candy is set to follow the complicated love story between Candy, a fierce and independent sex worker (played by Julia) and Toto, a bumbling, virgin school teacher (played by Carlo). And although Carlo is a veteran in the world of romantic flicks with Meet Me in St. Gallen and Exes Baggage, Julia is set to step into the limelight of her first ever sexy role to date—and we couldn’t be more excited than a kid in a candy store.

Check out the highlights during the red carpet premiere of EXPENSIVE CANDY

I actually love Julia's efforts in helming the role of Candy, it was not "OA" and at the same time, there was she didn't let a very good actor opposite her outshine her, she even shine on her own in every scene. Some people may criticize Julia why she accepted a prostitute role but little did they know that this is one of the most challenging roles to date and some of the veteran actors now have also done a role like this. Aside from this, her role as Candy also shares the journey of how they struggle to rise above the poverty that pushed them to where they are now, it's not like they don't want to get out, but they just don't know how to start over.

Carlo Aquino has been one of the actors who can freely staged a drama, comedy, romance or whatever role given to him. His versatility makes him shine compare to other actors which is why he can be paired with any actress and the chemistry will still be there. His role as Toto mirrors every working individual who mostly is a bread winner and budgets every pay day with a minimum wage and can't barely enjoy any life outside work because they need to make ends meet for their family. 

EXPENSIVE CANDY official trailer

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