Jhassy Busran celebrates her 16th birthday with an award and more projects line up

Saturday, September 03, 2022

At this point, anyone who dares to enter the Entertainment industry can freely do so for as long as you have the will and connections to do it but not everyone can really shine and make that big impact and long lasting impression. 

Last September 2, this Filipina beauty-brains and multi-talented Jhassy Busran celebrated her sweet 16 birthday at Plaza Ibarra Quezon City, a gathering attended by her family, close friends, colleagues in showbiz and the media. 

Check out some of the highlights at Jhassy's birthday bash ✨

At the age of 16, Jhassy is quite an achiever. She is determined and focussed on her goals in life, making her parents truly proud of her. Her mom even shared that because she is a very good daughter - responsible, hardworking student and award winning actress at that, she deserves all the best and her mom added that she did everything she could to invite Jhassy's favorite boy group SB19 to her birthday but unfortunately it's not yet the right time. Someday, for sure they'll meet and maybe do a collab or a project together. 

Just recently, another achievement was added to the roster of awards Jhassy has received. Her efforts in sharing her blessings to those in need plus her hard work as an actress and singer has been recognized as she was awarded as Outstanding Woman (Singer, Actress, and Philanthropist) at the 6th Outstanding Men and Women of the Philippines 2022.

Jhassy has been pretty busy lately with her commitments as an actress and she is also very active on her social media accounts where she vlogs and do Facebook live as well. She has gain more fans and supporters because of her sheer talent and easy going attitude that is very admirable.

Jhassy can be seen in the superhero film, GENIUS TEENS, that is now showing on KTX. Check out the details and get tickets here.

Plus, Jhassy will also star in the upcoming romantic comedy film ‘Home I Found in You’ in which he is paired with Heindrick Sitjar. Harvey Almoneda also stars in this Gabby Ramos-directed flick.

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