Who is the scheming Php 100 Million man of Malacañang?

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

A few more days before President BongBong Marcos will have his very first State of the Nation Address and he has been very busy attending to different meetings and discussing ways to solve the looming crisis in food, transportation and more. But despite of all BBM's efforts, there will always be those who would take advantage of any given situation so that they can do their evil ways.

There's this influential government official under BBM, greedy enough that even at this early stage of the administration, has been doing some money scheming tactics - offering secured positions in the government to different sectors in exchange for Php 100 million. 

According to the a reliable source, this greedy person, named "El Kupitan" from the root word "kupit", has strong ties to President BBM and is taking this connection to greater heights for his own benefit. The said Php 100 million will be the passport to a "juicy position" in any government office, meaning, the office that can make this person earn more money illegally or whatsoever ways. The said Php 100 million can also give them an easier access to process the appointment ASAP, the sooner they can release the money, the better. 

The source added that this malicious practice has been ongoing even during the election, El Kupitan has done several transactions with private companies asking for donations and biddings with the same amount or even higher depends if they are generous enough to release the said money. There has been numerous entrepreneurs who seek to be close to BBM during those times that he was ranking number one on the survey that also fall for El Kupitan's Money Heist schemes just so they can secure a protected spot next to BBM. 

A valid example was this Businessman who willingly donated Php 100 million only to discover that the said amount will be deposited to the bank account of El Kupitan. It will be forever a mystery now to this Businessman if the said amount was really credited to the rightful owner and not pocketed by El Kupitan himself. 

Other than "El Kupitan" and " Mr. 100 Million Man",  the Marites of the Malacañang has another name for this person, which is "SILIDONYO" because he tends to "Sild Dito - Silid Doon". 

This is by far, one if the easiest way to destroy the image of the government particularly the budding days as a President of BBM. This modus of El Kupitan will hinder the process of making people trust BBM more especially if there are  still those rumors about cronies and favoritism about the Marcoses. BBM should be cautious to the people surrounding him and should also background check if one of them.

So, who is this Mr. 100 Million Man aka El Kupitan who can also be identified as a certified "Raketista" because of the many rakets he has been doing lately. You want clue? There's the letter "R". 

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