LOOK: These hybrid cars let you save the environment and some pocket money while traveling!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Mobility has become more than just going from point A to point B.  In the Philippines, more things have to be considered when traveling such as road traffic, faster routes, fuel expenses, and environmental hazards. With that, more and more alternatives have been introduced such as walking, cycling, and driving electric vehicles.


For the same reasons, Philippine Saving Bank (PSBank) partnered with Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) to offer Say Hi To Hybrid Auto Loan Promo, making Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) like Toyota’s Corolla Cross 1.8V Hybrid and Corolla Altis 1.8V Hybrid CVT more accessible to Filipinos. For its technology, HEVs are easily a better option for sustainable transportation.


Here are the two main reasons for the widespread shift towards sustainable mobility:


Save Mother Earth


Mainly, HEVs continue to be a better alternative mobility for its fewer CO2 emissions, which has caught the attention of car owners and enthusiasts. HEVs have self-charging and fuel-efficient mechanisms that allow them to operate without generating too much CO2 and pollutants. The battery is charged through a regenerative braking system, which means it stores the energy lost from braking.


Leading auto manufacturing company Toyota also takes extra miles to be more sustainable. The company collects used HEV batteries for HEV vehicles and other purposes such as extracting rare materials to reuse them. In addition, Toyota’s Nickel batteries are 100% recyclable.


Save on Fuel Expense


Its innovative fuel-efficient and eco-friendly mechanisms give the impression that HEVs are more expensive than regular cars. This is not the case in the long run. HEVs switch from its electric motor  to the gasoline engine automatically only when necessary. This prevents you from having to refill your tank as frequently as your gas would last longer.


With this, HEV owners can, in fact, help save the environment and save up more from fuel expenses, especially with the uncontrolled oil price hikes.


PSBank and TMP paves the way for financial and environmental sustainability with the Say Hi To Hybrid Auto Loan promo. Aside from lower rates, the promo offers 1-year FREE comprehensive insurance for any of the two Toyota models.


This partnership is our way of staying true to our promise of Simple Lang, Maasahan and of providing reliable and sustainable products that are tailored to meet our customers’ needs. In this case, we are paving the way to financial and environmental sustainability,” said PSBank Senior Vice President and Marketing Division Head Emmanuel A. Tuazon.


This partnership with PSBank is important for us at Toyota because it helps us continue spreading awareness on the benefits of HEVs, and make the shift easier and more convenient. We hope that through this initiative, we can lead FIlipinos to a more exciting future of more electrified vehicles,” said TMP Assistant Vice President of Marketing Services Elvin Luciano.


Individuals who are considering a more eco-conscious ride can avail of the Say Hi To Hybrid Auto Loan promo until August 30, 2022. Apply through the PSBank website’s online loan application facility or go to the nearest PSBank branch. After accomplishing and submitting the application form, clients will receive a credit decision within 24 hours.


Interested customers can also follow facebook.com/psbankofficial or access LiveChat at www.psbank.com.ph.


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