Cloe Barreto is to die for in the Sexy Thriller Film 'TAHAN' premieres July 22 on VIVAMAX

Saturday, July 16, 2022

“Tahan na”, mixed with words of comfort, is normally said to someone who is weeping uncontrollably in hopes that the crying would stop.  

In this sexy drama/thriller “Tahan”, the main character has so many reasons to shed tears of anguish.  Can someone help stop her suffering?

Cloe Baretto plays Elise who works as a high-end escort for wealthy businessmen and politicians.  Even before she reached her teens, Elise was already thrown into prostitution.  What makes it more tragic is the fact that it was her own mother that put her in that situation.   

Ms. Jaclyn Jose plays Nora, Elise’s domineering mother.  She dismisses Elise’s plea to quit her job by saying that it’s the only thing Elise is good at.  Nora gives Elise the obligation of paying off her debts.    

Elise wants her mother out of her life, but Nora makes it clear that she cannot get rid of her so easily.  Nora goes on a killing spree.  The first kill is to save Elise from her abusive client.  But soon, Nora becomes a deadly threat to any man that Elise becomes intimate with. And in comes Marcus.

JC Santos plays Marcus, Elise’s high school sweetheart.  Now that they have reconnected, Marcus doesn’t want to lose her again.  Elise tries to shield him from Nora, just as Marcus tries to save Elise.  

But there’s more to Nora than what Marcus or anyone can see.  And Elise’s troubles are bigger than what they seem.

The story of “Tahan” is a product of the creative mind of Cloe’s friend and fellow sexy actress, Quinn Carillo.  

Check out the photos of TAHAN Special screening and Media Conference

Cloe Barreto
Cloe Barreto and JC Santos
Direk Bobby Bonifacio Jr. 
Quinn Carrillo
AJ Oteyza

Watch the Media Conference of TAHAN
The film also stars Karl Medina, Mac Cardona, EJ Salamante and Mercedes Cabral.

Quinn shares that while writing the script, she can already envision Cloe Baretto and Cannes Best Actress Ms. Jaclyn Jose portraying the lead characters.  She even called Cloe about it and the latter was so excited and flattered to be on a lead role again after her launching movie, “Silab”.  JC Santos’ portrayal of Marcus gives this movie that romance feel that Pinoy audience would surely love.

Directed by Bobby Bonifacio, Jr. “Tahan”, is available for streaming on Vivamax starting July 22, 2022.  

TAHAN depicts the the harsh reality of life and after watching this film, it will only make you realize the phrase mostly going around on social media, "sinampal na naman ako ng kahirapan". Cloe who plays Elise in this movie only proves that no matter how hard life can be, blood is thicker than water and her love for her Mom took her to a twisted journey that she will eventually face the circumstances of the path she chose. Cloe Barreto for a neophyte actress, gave her best to this film. It's no wonder that her film "Silab" got positive reviews as well which was directed by Joel Lamangan. She indeed shine on her own even though she is surrounded with top caliber actors like Karl Medina, Mercedes Cabral and no less than Ms. Jaclyn Jose. Ms. Jaclyn has always been "walang kupas" in every role she portrays and I love how she mastered the humor-sarcasm and drama in every scene of each film she does. 

JC Santos will always be JC Santos, from the moment he entered the film industry, he was destined for perfection in his craft and in this movie, he was not greedy. He shared and even gave the spotlight to Cloe. 

Quinn Carillo is a name we should not forget in the coming years as a writer since this film only proves that her gift in writing, her passion in what she does and her hard work in helming such a story only proves that there is no such thing as a newbie in this industry. When she said that her forte is Suspense and Thriller, and after watching this film Tahan, she is dead serious about what she said. Let's all wish that she will do more films in the future and maybe, hopefully, she can create a story for a tv series as well, since this type of genre is nothing new in KDramas like Flower of Evil and more, Quinn can definitely helm a story as great as this 👍

Watch the official trailer of TAHAN

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