Check out this Online Portal of Menu featuring Restaurants and Fast Food the Philippines

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Are you the type of person who loves to check out different fast food chains and restaurants especially now that we all got the chance to go out again after the restrictions has been lifted because of the pandemic? Most of the time, we got glued with videos we saw on TikTok featuring different go-to places where we can dine but unfortunately, some if the most of important details are left out including the location and the menu specifically the prices. 

If you want to plan out your budget, just like me who wants to learn more about the menu and the prices before going straight to the restaurant then you might want to visit this new website I recently discovered which helped me budget what I want to order and also learned a lot about what I can order which can save me me money and time when I got there. is an online destination that guided me with a thorough food and price information about Philippine restaurants and fast food chains. So if you're exploring different destinations what can match your palette just like me then this website is a big help since they post updated dining information of their respective menu. 

For someone like me who loves to do a lot of things whenever I got the chance to go to the mall since I also work online so I spend most of the time at home, I really value my time when I go out and whenever I choose where I would dine out either by myself or with others, I make it a point to check first online what are some of the possible restaurants that I can try out and also their respective menu so that I will know if the food is affordable and if I can compare dishes with other resto as well. 

It's like an online portal of what’s trending, what’s worth trying and the important part - their menu. When you click their official website, you can start accessing whether you want to search for Fast food chains or Restaurants. When you click "Restaurant", you will automatically be redirected to a list of  restaurants in the Philippines and you'll just need to choose which one you would prefer. Check out some of the restaurants that I've tried so far below:

We recently ate at Tropical Hut since it is trending for the past weeks and has an updated prices of their menu especially their best sellers. I always go for their fried chicken because this is one of their best sellers together with their burgers. 
If you're a coffee lover like I am then Tim Hortons is definitely one of the top choices when it comes to coffee. also has a lot of information regarding their menu. Amazingly enough, Tim Hortons also offers pastries and cakes not just coffee. You can compare prices and offerings as well to different coffee shops while browsing this website.
Who can't say no to Milk Tea? It's basically the drink that can make everyone happy and can boost one's energy to the highest level which is why if you're wondering what Macao Imperial Tea has to offer and the prices if their Milk Tea then go ahead and check out their menu. 

Even if we're officially enjoying the cold and rainy season, desserts like Ice Cream and Shakes can never be out of our options and what comes to mind is no less than Blizzard of DQ. They have a lot of branches in the Philippines and as years pass by, they offer not only their famous Blizzard but also frappes, shakes and Ice Cream cakes. Their Ice Cream Cakes are really a must-try if you haven't tried it yet but make sure that you will refrigerate it asap. 

The list goes on, there's Tokyo Tokyo, Greenwich, Wendy's, Chowking and more! so you might want to check out this website before heading out to your next dining destination because now is the perfect time to enjoy great food with your family or friends or even if you want to enjoy good food all by yourself. Now that we are almost back to normal, while we bust ourselves with work or household chores, we should also have time to relax and unwind. What better way to do that than to eat and enjoy delectable dishes and also try new and exciting dining destinations in the Philippines.

It's really nice that we can all tap the information we needed on our mobile phones or computer anytime and anywhere without any hassle. We can now freely check out the menu of each restaurants we want to dine in and create a list if what we should try out once we dine or take out. Let's treat our time as gold now more than ever and use our online connection to browse for informative websites.

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