Top calibre stars support Cloe Barreto as she stars in a Sexy Suspense Thriller Film 'Tahan'

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

They say the only thing we can do right now is to rise up and move forward. This is what the game changers in the Entertainment industry is doing, by taking the risk to create a meaningful work of art for people to watch and appreciate even in the midst of the pandemic. 

From the makers of the film "Silab", comes another film that will surely make you glued to your screens and will also slap you with the agonizing reality of the dark side of life and how to overcome it. 

3:16 Media Network spearheaded by Ms. Janilyn Carrillo and Mr. John Bryan Diamante introduces a film about Elise, portrayed by Cloe Barreto who will be pushed to work as a prostitute by her very own mother portrayed by award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose, she will then be entangled in a life filled with misery but will strive hard to conquer defeat. She will also be working with no less than JC Santos. The film is entitled, "TAHAN" and will be directed by Bobby Bonifacio Jr. 

During the story conference, John Bryan Diamante, one of the Executive Producers shared that this is his first time to co-produce a film and he knows that it is a big challenge to create films this past two years because of the pandemic but since everything is easing down and are starting to go back to normal, the only way to go is UP. He added that this will also be a big help to the Entertainment industry to thrive and restore the cinemas as well as everything that connects to the industry so that more people will be inspired to create films, be involve and at the same time help those actors who share the same passion as they have to rebuild the industry.

John Bryan also mentioned that he didn't have any doubts of co-producing with Ms. Janilyn of 3:16 Media Network because they have been doing really good in handling their talents as well as their projects. When he first read the script written by the Multi-talented Quinn Carillo, he loved the story which is something new - Dark, thriller and sexy. 

Quinn Carillo on the other hand narrated that when she wrote the story of Tahan, she can already picture the cast on her mind specifically Ms. Jaclyn Jose to whom she feels very grateful for accepting the project and she also pictured Cloe Barreto as the lead role and she fits Elise perfectly. She added that most of the genre she writes is more on the dark and suspense thriller. She is very thankful to her Mom Ms. Janilyn for granting her wish and making the story come to life in this film. 

Both JC Santos and Ms. Jaclyn Jose shared that they are excited to film Tahan and they didn't have any doubts in accepting the offer because the material is good. JC shared that he enjoys doing indie film because this is where his career started, he was a stage actor before and indie films gave him a stepping stone to reach where he is now, he also loves to work with different actors because he learns something new with them. Ms. Jaclyn said that when she was still a newbie in the industry, a lot of people helped her that is why she stayed this long and this is the main reason why she is also helping those who are just starting so that they will also be inspired to strive hard and give their best. 

TAHAN story conference

Cloe Barreto can't help but cry during the story conference because she felt really honored to be working with top calibre artists plus one lead role to another. She tearfully said that this honor will not be wasted and she will give her 100% to the role deemed to her. She added that she really prepared for this role, she made it sure that her mind and body is prepared for the upcoming scenes. There will be intimate scenes in the film which is why she made it sure that she is perfectly fit. She also underwent workshop for her role. 

Meet the cast of TAHAN

JC Santos 

Jaclyn Jose 

Cloe Barreto

Quinn Carrillo (Also the writer of Tahan)

Karl Medina

AJ Oteyza

Mac Cardona

Mercedes Cabral

EJ Salamante

Joseph San Jose

Stiff  Banzon

🎞️ Directed by: Bobby Bonifacio Jr.

TAHAN will start shooting soon and it will be shown hopefully in the cinemas and on streaming platforms as well. The production is also planning to showcase the film in International Film Festivals. Don't miss the latest updates about this movie on this blog! 🎬

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