#SweetButHealthy with Sweet Best Natural Sweeteners

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Wellness has been the buzzword in the past years, especially since many of us have realized the value of health and how it cascades to many different areas of our lives. Having a healthy body and a sound mind helps us to cope with many challenges that come our way.

While this may sound like a lesson we have learned in kindergarten, many of us forget to place value in the way we approach our bodies, me included! 

However, because of the pandemic, I have become more and more conscious of the way I live. For starters, I have started on my wellness journey this year to become fitter through some physical activities and also cutting down on unnecessary junk that I feed my body.

That is why I am so happy to have discovered Sweet Best natural sweeteners. I did not realize how cutting back on sugar can make a big difference in the way I feel. When I come across articles that talk about eliminating sugar in my life, I get a little sad because I am not quite ready to give up on my cakes and cookies. Little did I know that there are products like Sweet Best that can help me achieve a #SweetbutHealthy life. 

Take this yummy easy recipe I made this weekend with Sweet Best.



200g crushed graham

4 Tbsp Sweet Best Stevia-Erythritol

¾ cup Alaska All Purpose Cream Sprinkles


  • In a large bowl, combine crushed graham, stevia – erythritol, and all-purpose cream.
  • Using a fork or a spatula, mix together until well blended and form a dough.
  • Use food safety gloves or clean hands when making aball.
  • Coat each graham ball in sprinkles, roll to coat evenly.
  • Serve graham balls, chilled or at room temperature.

My finish product using SweetBest 😋 It tasted really good without making you feel guilty 👍 You can do this with your family and friends without any hassle and it's so easy to do, just don't forget to use the all natural sweetener SweetBest for your baking needs 👍🤩

You can also pair these graham balls with coffee sweetened with Sweet Best Stevia sticks. If you are looking to shift your lifestyle and live sugar-free, check out Sweet Best Stevia-Erythritol and other products today.

Sweet Best products are all plant-based sugar alternatives. They are sugar-free, low- carb, vegan, FDA-registered, and certified organic, too!

Sweet Best Stevia-Erythritol does not contain maltodextrin or dextrose (like some other brands). It’s a hidden sugar that can cause insulin spikes! Yikes! Don’t fall into the trap of getting artificial sweeteners that could mess up your system worse than sugar. Try out Sweet Best natural sweeteners instead.

And while you are still at this, join me and many others at bit.ly/sblowcarbgroupwhile we push for a healthier lifestyle and cheer each other for our weekly wins. Plus, you’ll get loads of recipes that will support this lifestyle, too! Hope to see you there!

You can now buy SweetBest products at the comfort of your homes! It is available via Shopee, Lazada or visit their official website at www.sweetbestph.com 🛒🛍️

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