Sean De Guzman stars in a Joel Lamangan film 'FALL GUY'

Monday, April 18, 2022

Only those who never gets tired of learning, knows how to value the time of others and has a pure passion in their craft will remain in this ever changing Showbiz industry and true enough this is some of the golden rules of no less than award-winning The Joel Lamangan.

They say, if you haven't got the chance to work with Joel Lamangan then you're definitely missing half of your career in the Entertainment industry, because only those who've worked with him can testify that it is indeed a worthwhile chance that they can cherish and honor for the rest of their lives. Some of his most notable works were Himala, Rainbow's Sunset, Mano Po, Macho Dancer, Isa Pang Bahaghari, Felix Manalo and Sidhi in which Glydel Mercado won grand slam as Best Supporting Actress, she is also part of Fall Guy.

Sean de Guzman as Julius

It was not the first time Sean worked with Direk Joel, their first project together was Anak ng Macho Dancer which was produced by Joed Serrano. Direk Joel said that he saw Sean's potential that he can deliver and he is serious and can give his 101 percent in his job as an actor. Sean said that it was indeed for the books because working with Direk Joel on his very first movie/acting project is such a dream come true. He learned a lot from him as a new actor and now that he will be working again with him in Fall Guy, he is really excited and promised to give his very best so that the people who trusted him will not be disappointed that he was the chosen lead actor.

Watch the Story Conference of Fall Guy

Sean has been getting continuous projects ever since the pandemic plus after he starred in Anak ng Macho Dancer. He is busy doing projects with Vivamax (Viva Films) like Lockdown, Hugas, Taya, Nerissa, Mahjong and the recent series Iskandalo. Although most of his projects evolve in doing sexy and steamy scenes, Sean said that he is gearing up for a drama role in Fall Guy although there will still be sexy scenes in the film. He added that he would also like to try different genres in his future projects so that he can be a versatile actor. 

According to Ms. Janilyn Carrillo of 3:16 Media Network who discovered Sean De Guzman when he started out as part of the boy group Clique V, she never expected that Sean would be the first one to rise up to fame and that fast among his co-members but she knew that he has it within, that star potential which is why they never give up on him and thankfully, Sean didn't give up on his dream as well. He is a very persistent man. He doesn't give up that easily. Bryan Diamante, also the producer of the film Fall Guy said that he didn't think twice when he learned that Joel Lamangan will direct the film, he trusts that it will be another remarkable film and that Direk Joel also mentioned that this is the movie where Sean will get multiple awards. 

Sean's former co-members like Mark, Karl and Itan shared that even though Sean has been doing a lot of projects and is one of the most promising actors to date, he remains the same Sean that they knew. Friendly and always there to support. Belladonnas members like Quinn and Cloe who are also under 3:16 Media Network management also can attest that Sean didn't change his attitude and still manages to find time to bond and even treats them coffee from time to time. Sean even jokingly said to Cloe during the media conference, "Swerte mo naka-trabaho mo ko!" which became their banter during the event. Coincidentally, Cloe Baretto will also be a lead star in an upcoming film "Tahan" under the same producers. 

Fall Guy tells the story of Julius, played by Sean De Guzman will fall victim because of injustice and his life in the slums and how he sugar coats his struggles with his desire to get out of poverty. The film is written by Troy Espiritu. 

🎬👇Cast & Characters: 
Sean de Guzman as JULIUS
Cloe Barreto as JENIE
Vance Larena as FONZY
Marco Gomez as MIGUEL
Quinn Carrillo as MARINA
Karl Aquino as KYLE
Hershie de Leon as DANA
Tiffany Grey  as MONET 
Azekah Alvarez as LORRAINE 
Nisa Ortiz as PAM
Itan Rosales as RICKY

With Special Participation of:
Shamaine Buencamino as LOURDES
Glydel Mercado as BETH
Tina Paner as CARMEN
Jim Pebanco as OSCAR
Pancho Carrillo as  Sarhento
Mark Cardona as Sarhento

Fall Guy coming soon! 

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