Your company’s cloud resource made extra secure with Radius Cloud Express

Friday, March 25, 2022

Cybersecurity often takes precedence over any other component of a business that makes use of a computer and a public internet connection. Among the five techniques of acquiring cybersecurity is ensuring a safe space for your resources hosted in public and private cloud providers.

NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) is a cloud model that allows customers to efficiently run a network without having to own, construct, or maintain their own equipment. It is a product that bundles networking resources, services, and applications into a single platform.

In the Philippines, Radius Telecoms is first in the telco industry to carry Netfoundry’s NaaS technology through its partnership in 2019. The NaaS solution delivered by Radius Cloud Express targets large enterprise customers seeking a Zero-Trust networking solution to secure their work-from-home staff from cyber attacks while using the public internet.

Radius Cloud Express provides its users with an overlay connection service that enables a zero-trust connection while using an optimized path to their target cloud resources over any form of internet access. The same is seamlessly available for their remote users or work-from-home employees.

In comparison to a standard VPN connection, Radius Cloud Express delivers and optimizes connectivity to either publicly or privately hosted cloud applications. Moreover, Radius Cloud Express endpoints protection are built on Netfoundry’s Ziti SDKs, enabling customers to easily extend their network anywhere. The solution can be deployed to customers in an agent-less manner, and its built-in zero-trust function operates directly on the customer application while guaranteeing unrivaled protection from any hack-tivities.

With the continued rise and threat of stealing and manipulating data through malware and other forms of cyber attacks, it is crucial for companies to invest in technology that will keep all of their information securely stored and available. Through Radius Cloud Express, you can be assured that your cloud assets will get all the protection that it needs.

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