Sparkle GMA Artist Center launches love teams that will surely make your hearts kilig!

Friday, February 18, 2022

This Kapuso Month, GMA Network sends virtual hugs to viewers from all parts of the world as the country’s leading broadcast company reinforces the power of being together in the name of love and hope.

Although being together physically might still be a challenge as the threats of the pandemic remain, GMA urges Filipinos to continue spreading love even at a safe distance and assures that better times are ahead for those who remain hopeful.

To make the Kapuso Month even more vibrant, a video plug was also released with a cheerful tune titled, “Love and Hope Together.” The song was performed by Thea Astley and Jeremiah Tiangco from The Clash Season 2, with lyrics by Emman Rivera, and music by Ann Figueroa.

Adding more kilig in the February campaign are the newly-launched Sparkle love teams: Mavy Legaspi and Kyline Alcantara; Abdul Raman and Shayne Sava; Allen Ansay and Sofia Pablo; Bruce Roeland and Althea Ablan; and Jamir Zabarte and Zonia Mejia.

Jamir Zabarte and Zonia Mejia

Abdul Raman and Shayne Sava

Bruce Roeland and Althea Ablan

Allen Ansay and Sofia Pablo

Mavy Legaspi and Kyline Alcantara

The respective love teams will each have their own spotlight to shine on GMA Network via different projects and shows. They also underwent several workshops and prior to the love team, some of them have already worked together in tv shows. 

During the Media Conference of Sparkle Love Teams, all of them shared what their first impressions of one another and they are also very grateful and thankful that GMA Network gave them this opportunity to be in a love team and at the same time share their passion in acting, hosting, dancing or singing. Since this will be a big step towards their career, they want to give their 100% in everything.

MavLine/ Kyline and Mavy shared how much they love the company of one another and also shared that trust is very important in their relationship as well as in their love team because without it, it won't work. Kyline said that she respects Mavy's family so much because both his parents have been in the industry for years now and she also know how hardworking Mavy is. Mavy considers Kyline as his inspiration because Kyline is very dedicated to whatever she is doing and she motivates him to give his best. 

Team Jolly as called by their fans fits Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay perfectly. They are the epitome if what it's like to be happy and giddy in love at a young age. They are so close that Allen watches KDrama with Sofia's Mom. They also have a huge following in Social Media speficially TikTok. Allen shared that the first time he saw Sofia on TV, it was love at first sight, he was starstruck and promised himself that one day he would ask to have a photo op with her and it did came true, the rest is history.

Abdul Raman and Shayne Sava both came from the reality Artista search Starstruck which was aired in 2019. Shayne was hailed as the Ultimate Female Survivor from Binangonan, Rizal while Abdul reached the final 6 but was eliminated later on. Since they both came from Starstruck, they're not that strangers to one another. Shayne said that Abdul is very thoughtful, he send fruits to her when she was recovering from Covid-19 and on Valentines Day, she received flowers from him as well.

Althea and Bruce first met in 2017, now they are partners in the new season of Prima Donnas. Since Bruce came from Belgium, Althea's first impression of him was "masungit" but when they were able to bond together, it was then proven that they're both just shy and the language barrier seems to be at fault. They've become close now and last Valentines Day, they were able to spend some time together - they ate samgyup and he gave Althea flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear.

Jamir and Zonia used to work together as the low-key pair on Heartful Café, the 2021 romantic comedy-drama series aired by GMA Network that was top-billed by Julie Anne San Jose. Both are looking forward to hone their skills more in acting and other fields where they can showcase their respective talent. Jamir and Zonia said that being in a love team is a big responsibility which is why they promise one another to be honest to each other and also give their 100% support and trust. 

Don't miss the upcoming projects of Sparkle GMA Artist Center Love Teams this love month February and the coming months. 

With GMA Network, Filipinos are always reminded that any trials can be surpassed as long as we love and hope together.  

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