Thursday, February 17, 2022

It is said that the Cadbury group introduced a new Valentine’s Day tradition when candy maker Richard Cadbury was inspired to package chocolates in heart shaped boxes decorated with rosebuds and cupids, which were popular symbols of romance among the Victorians.  These boxes had locks where one could later store mementos like love letters and small gifts. 

The tradition lives on today at The SM Store Snack Exchange with sweet indulgences from some of the world’s well-loved chocolate brands. Cadbury’s “Say it From the Heart” gift boxes come with heart-full stickers of creative and personalized emojis and #kilig lines.

Swiss chocolatier Toblerone, on the other hand, says it sweetly 2.0 with a heart shaped gift box and its iconic triangle chocolates with personalized sleeves with sweet poetry. No wonder, it has retained its popularity for the past 100 years.

Together, these two well-loved chocolate brands bring the sweetest deals at The SM Store Snack Exchange. Every P1,000 single- receipt purchase of Toblerone and Cadbury items, entitles one to a free 100g Toblerone Chocolate until February 28. 

Shop in-store or online and celebrate Valentine’s Day with SM Snack Exchange, visit or order via The SM Store Call to Deliver services at #143SM (#14376) and have a personal shopper assists you. 

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